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Is Women’s Month Achieving it’s Initial Intent?

As August draws to a close, the reality is that you have probably been bombarded with messages, advertisements and movies reminding us of how much we count and how much we as women, deserve to be recognised. But, is Women’s Month Achieving its initial intent?

On 1 September … BOOM they’ll have forgotten the tributes and syrupy words and have moved on to the next cause. Is that what we want? To be lauded for a month and forgotten for the rest of the other 11.

I hear you spitting out “Hell no!” Well, guess what … it’s a “Hell no!” from me too. I seriously don’t want one month in a year or even 1 day in the year to be set aside for recognising women then only to be disregarded, or trampled onto the other 364 days.

I know for sure I don’t have to tell what a raw deal women of this world get. We don’t have to look far for that evidence. Look don’t get me wrong the efforts of Women’s Month and 16 days of activism, lends immensely to highlighting the plight of women. Indeed we should say thank you for them at the same time we should take it upon ourselves to make it continue further into the days of our lives.

For me the question begs “How the heck are going make sure we stay a priority on the calendar for 365 days of the year.” There was a time in my life where I had no voice. I didn’t even know who I was. Eventually, I learnt that there were so many women in this space. The realisation that there will always be women in this position made me sit up and think. While on my journey, unbeknown to me, other women who had already found their voice and were well into their journey – spoke on my behalf. Therein lies a lesson for me.

I too, need to be a vehicle for women. I too need to speak out against atrocities towards women. It is not only my duty but yours too, as a woman to raise the bar for WOMEN!

Here are a few ideas to help us ensure women are prioritised all year long.

Raising Awareness relentlessly

  • Tell your own story
  • Listen to others’ stories.
  • Engage women and enlighten them.
  • Ask them to talk to other women about women issues.
  • Help publicise efforts in your community to end violence against women.
  • Encourage women you know to attend these.
  • Use social media to raise awareness about violence against women and programmes aimed to end it.
  • Share and draw attention to posts relevant the growth of women.
  • Donate to organisations working for an end violence against women or who have women interests at heart
  • The sad reality is, it will take more than 16 days of activism and more that a month of attention to women issues, to ensure that women remain at the top of the agenda.

There is light though. Each and every women out there who commits to making women a priority can make this a reality. Share your ideas and thoughts and use the above ideas to ensure we make ourselves No.1

In closing I wish you a very Happy Women’s

Much love, Coach Lisa

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