Women take a stand with the “My Silence Counts” Movement

Collective silence is deafening and that is why silence is the vehicle of the my silence counts movement. Women are taking a stand with the movement and they are being heard.

I started my life coaching journey as a generalist life coach. Somewhere along the line I realised that in order to make a difference I was going to have to own my truth and speak out. I was worried about reactions of parents, family, friends but most of all I worried about the reaction of my sons.

Eventually after working with a US business coach and gaining lots of introspection I took the plunge. I took a step outside of my comfort zone and I survived! It got less daunting as I found a way forward. I found the reach for women recovering from traumatic pasts and trying to forge a way into a new reality for themselves, was growing. As I engaged more and more with these women I learnt of their challenges and obstacles. Most of all I realised the serious lack of worth they had for themselves. It’s a sad, sad reality that we women, do not value ourselves as much as we do others. Many of us have allowed ourselves to become second-class citizens to
our male counterparts. This is the beginnings of the #mysilencecounts movement.

Women globally, have been going silent. They just breathe. They allow the world to experience life without them for just one day. This movement is ironically a call to action by inaction. It calls for women to commit firstly to the cause by adding their #mysilencecounts photo to all their social
media account and second it calls for women to observe a
designated day to “go silent”. It tasks women circulate the mission
and spread the word of a brewing global action by women to
demonstrate their worth.

I don’t have to tell you what would happen
should no women perform their tasks or roles for that day.
Why is it even necessary for a demonstration of this nature, you may
ask? Well in my own experience and by my recent advocating of this
campaign alone, the sad reality that women don’t recognise their
own worth. Now it begs the question, if we don’t
recognise our own value, worth and contribution to this earth the
heck can we expect the respect we deserve from our male

Now let me clear something up from the outset (as I have had
women up in arms in response to the hashtag). I am by no means
advocating that we go silent against the things that matter to us and
affect us daily. By all means, SPEAK OUT against, abuse, rape, inequalities, stand up against the real issues, and if you have already
been doing that please continue to do so.

#mysilencecounts does not intend to take your voice away. It aims to use your voice (or shall I say, lack of) to send a silent yet power message that WOMEN DO COUNT!!!! By adding your SILENCE it will go a long way to being heard.

Join the “My silence counts” movement?

Take a photo of yourself depicting the way you want to exhibit your
silence. (you can find ideas on the My Silence Page on Facebook or
House of Cohesion Instagram). Next load your photo on all your social media, don’t forget to use the hashtag #mysilencecounts

Finally share the information, this article, with as many women as
you can. Tag them in your posts and challenge them to do the same.
Without YOU this vision cannot become a reality.

In closing, I want you to know that right now in this very moment, YOU ARE ENOUGH.

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