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Crafting giant Cricut has been taking South Africa by storm ever since arriving in the country. Last week, Cricut MEA teamed up with Hobby-X and Fit Like Mummy to celebrate Women in Cricut. This live webinar series aims to encourage, inspire and motivate women through creativity. The first episode sees yours truly spill the tea on how to turn your passion into profit. If you would like to skip the reading and head to the recording of the webinar then hit the link here.

On the 9th of August annually, South Africans celebrate women and Cricut MEA is getting in on the action by celebrating women all month long. This is why I love being an ambassador for Cricut, because they are a brand who most certainly aims to celebrate, empower and encourage women to embrace their authenticity and fearlessness. This collaboration between Cricut MEA, Hobby-X and I was super exciting and so much fun. Lots of laughter and de-stressing which is pretty much what crafting is all about.

Celebrating Women – Women’s Day

Hanging with Jowilna, and the ladies from Hobby-X

Women in Cricut, Turn your passion into profit – the WEBINAR

The live webinar was held on Friday 6, August 2021 at 11H00 with more than 350 having registered to join the webinar. Martin Kruger who is the Head of Cricut MEA (Middle East and Africa) and I chatted about all things crafting and how to turn your passion into profit. If you are keen to turn your dreams into a side hustle or missed the live webinar, then I suggest you watch the recording of last weeks live webinar.

I absolutely love scrapbooking and started when I fell pregnant with Ashton. I wanted a way to preserve memories and milestones and scrapbooking was the perfect solution. Fast forward 17 years and thousands of scrapbooking projects later it’s safe to say I am obsessed and fully committed. My cardstock collection is proof of that.

Perfect cuts made with the Cricut Maker

Aside from filming the webinar with Paul Kruger, we also got to do an impromptu photoshoot with Annemarie Burger at gorgeous Pretville in Hartebeespoort.

Live Webinar Line-up

Webinars are free so make sure to catch the rest of the webinar series with Cricut MEA and Hobby-X. There’s an amazing line-up of firecracker women who are brilliantly creative. The line-up takes place on the following dates with Jowilna Nolte up next and topic is “Creativity makes sense when life doesn’t”

  • 18th August
  • 24th August
  • 27th August
  • 31st August

A special thank you to this dream team for the opportunity and for making my dreams a reality.

Cricut – Together we make


  1. Natasha this is so awesome what you are doing! Congrats! I remember my dad always used to come up to Joburg for the Hobby X – he had a stand for framing and also for woodworking – there is so much at that show it’s always so interesting.


    • Hi Nellie All depends on your niche and the machine your decide on. Let me know


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