Veganuary – Fit Like Mummy pledges 31 Days of Plant-based food only

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2021 – New Year, New Me! Actually it’s New Year, Same Me but i’m challenging myself to try new things and make small yet sustainable changes to improve my wellbeing. This January seeing as it’s Veganuary – Fit Like Mummy pledges 31 Days of Plant-based food only.

I have decided to embark on the 31 day Veganuary challenge but I’m such an eager beaver, i’ve already signed up and taken the pledge to try plant-based food for a month. If you’re keen to join me (because I really could do with the support) hit the link below and join the Facebook Group.

The resources and information I’ve received thus far has been incredible and I’m super stoked to kick things off.

The Not So Vegan, Vegan

Let me keep it real for a moment. Those of you who follow me know that I love meat, it’s normally a very big part of my diet. But over the past 2 years I have been making small changes to include plant-based food into my daily diet.

I don’t expect this journey to be a flawless one but that isn’t the overall goal for me. Knowledge is power and i’m keen to see if my health improves if I consume more plant-based food. In addition, these small changes greatly impact Mother Earth and i’m all for that.

Fry’s Food Family

Veganuary started in the UK about 6 years ago with the aim to encourage people to try plant-based for the month of January. My fav’s; Fry Family Food Company is one of the amazing sponsors for the 2021 campaign and i’m super stoked that they are. My family and I can’t do without our Fry’s food. Check out their website for the most fantastic resources to help you smash through the month of Veganuary.

Make sure to follow my journey from today onwards. You can expect my very unfiltered experiences and journey, recipes as well as some tips and tricks.

Don’t forget to sign up so that we can take on Veganuary together by clicking HERE.

DISCLAIMER : This is a paid partnership with Fry’s, however the opinions shared are my honest and unbiased experience.


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