Van Loveren Adds to the “Almost Zero % Alcohol” Range

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This girl who once lived in the Cape for 8.5 years actually spent a vast amount of her time in the Robertson Wine Valley. I actually had a few aviation clients based in this picturesque little town. Robertson also happens to be one of my absolute fav places to visit with it scenic views and incredible wines. Van Loveren Family Wines just happens to be situated along the Breede river in the Robertson Valley and I have to admit that I’ve paid them several visits.

Van Loveren Family Wines has done it again and added two more wines to their popular Almost Zero % Alcohol range. The winery officially launched the Radiant Red and the Ravishing Rose in June this year.

A Healthier Wine

Fitsters and healthy living peeps, Van Loveren’s got your back. So while the product has “Almost Zero % Alcohol” it still has a distinctive wine character. So no more FOMO lovelies. Despite looking like wine, it has less than 0.4% alcohol. In essence these wines can’t be classified as wines as they have been de-alcoholised through a sophisticated process. Every glass has 75% less kilojoules than normal wine with only 2.2g/100g of sugar and 4.2g/100g of carbs per bottle. So, Im sure you can guess who’s a happy girl. Van Loveren also claims that the wine is Banting friendly.

Pairing Ideas

The Almost Zero & Alcohol range does not pack a punch like a normal wine does, but that can and should be expected. The wine is a light and easy drinking beverage than can be paired with a variety of dishes. I really glad that there are options for someone like me who is aiming to make a lifestyle change

DISCLAIMER : I received 2 bottles of wine from the lovely people over at Van Loveren so that I could do a taste test.

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