Win with the Tinkies Half&Half Mega Mash-up

Tweens, also known as the generation of digital natives who have never known a world without the internet or social media are in for a treat as Tinkies latest Half&Half range delivers with the perfect mash-up for them. 

These super ambitious, overly-opinionated, uber influential and tech savvy youngsters may be extremely different to us as kids, but we do have one thing in common. A love for Tinkies that is. Tinkies are a childhood fav that has stood the test of time. Tinkies has however seriously upped the ante with the introduction of the new Tinkies Half&Half which brings in new tastes and flavour explosions.

“A mash-up is a term borrowed from the music industry and describes a blend of two or more songs, combining vocals with instrumentals to get a whole new song.” Tinkies Half&Half is available in two ‘mash up’ flavour combinations: chocolate/vanilla and strawberry/vanilla.  So the big question that remains is …  “Whats your flavour?”

Win with Tinkies

 There are currently several competitions running to celebrate the introduction of the Tinkies Half&Half range. Instant prizes including airtime, Tinkies vouchers, JBL headsets and even Nintendo Switches can be yours so make sure to follow the instructions on Tinkies packaging.

Our fit family has decided to help get those Tweens off the couch and into the kitchen by hosting a giveaway that will set those creative juices flowing.  Buy the new Tinkies Half&Half range.  Get as creative as possible and submit your entries to stand a chance at winning a Hamper with a pair of JBL Headsets and Tinkies. Entries close on 21 June 2019.  Watch the IGTV video below for full details.


Now get them into the kitchen and send in those entries to stand in line to win.

Good luck Tweens

“The launch of Half&Half just reinforces the Tinkies brand strength with Half&Half showing versatility, striking the right note with tweens who have mega influencing power and want things to be more exciting to keep their interest.”

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  1. Awesome. Love the idea.

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