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The DripBar – Fit Like Mummy gets her drip on

Over the past several months I have experienced a massive drop in my energy levels, probably due to the me fast approaching my mid 40’s. With my hormones wreaking havoc, all I really want is for my energy levels to be restored. Thanks to The DripBar I was invited to head on over to get my drip on.

Disclaimer : I hate taking vitamins

So here’s a massive disclaimer. I don’t take vitamins mainly because I normally start and after a week stop taking them. The idea of popping vitamin tablets on a daily basis, though needed is somewhat mundane and exhausting (okay, maybe i’m just lazy). That’s why intravenous vitamin drips suit my lifestyle.

Here’s the low down

After braving a horrendous storm, hail and road closures due to protest marches, I safely arrived at Cambridge Crossing Shopping Centre. I guess I should mention that second branch recently opened in Menlyn, Pretoria.

Having had a vitamin injection before, for the most part I knew what to expect. I walked into The DripBar somewhat anxious and cold after my ordeal in the traffic. I was gratefully welcomed by the staff and made to feel comfortable.

The link between honesty and your safety

I was asked to complete some paperwork regarding my medical history and general information. It is highly imperative that you always fill in the client consent form with extreme honesty and disclose all information that could be pertinent. This not only ensures your safety but also sets you up to reap the full benefits of a vitamin drip.

It is important to note that wherever you decide to drip, the following must be in place to ensure your safety:

  • A medical script is required for a drip as all IV vitamin drips are schedule 4. (The DripBar provides this on-site)
  • A fully stocked emergency trolley
  • An on-site doctor (If a nurse is administering the IV drip)
  • Medical personnel trained in ACLS (Advanced Cardia Life support)

Vincent, or should I rather say Vincent the Great as he is affectionately known administered my IV. He was extremely gentle and friendly, plus he didn’t hurt me with that needle which was a bonus. Once the needle was carefully inserted and the vitamin drip flowing correctly I was moved to The Drip Bar lounge area.

I got more than I had bargained on

As I got comfy, owner and operator of The DripBar, Chantal Du Chenne greeted me with a warm cup of green tea and a shot of kombucha brewed by herself.

flm booch
Getting my drip on

We chatted about Ashton and his condition in passing only to find out that Chantal is also a health coach specializing in healing of the leaky gut and gut microbiome dysbiosis. The mom of two is extremely passionate about health and wellness and this was made evident in our casual conversation. Chantal suggested a few changes to help Ashton which I will share with you in due course. The drip takes approximately 20 minutes but mine felt a lot quicker. I finished up my green tea and kombucha and made my way home in the storm. That was after Chantal gifted me with an awesome bottle of booch.

Love me some booch

So what is vitamin drip therapy?

Vitamin drip therapy ensures all the vitamins and nutrients your body needs are absorbed directly into your bloodstream. This is done quickly, safely and effectively. It is part of a global shift towards a more preventative and holistic approach to optimising health and wellness. In addition, it supports sports performance and recovery from injury and illness. Vitamin Drip Therapy can also assist in managing and effectively treating many chronic conditions.

Together with a healthy nutrient-rich diet, adequate activity and exercise as well as proper sleep and daily relaxation, vitamin drip therapy can enhance your health and reduce your risk of illness.

Who can benefit from a vitamin drip?

While these IVs are a mix of vitamins and minerals that are already found in your body, it’s important to do your research and make sure whoever is administering your drip really is clued up. Whether your are feeling lethargic, jet-lagged or hungover; training or exercising hard and need that something to give you a boost; studying or writing exams and need more focus, then a vitamin drip could be the thing for you.

Benefits of Vitamin Drips

  • Optimise health and well-being
  • Boost energy and vitality
  • Increase hydration
  • Boost immunity and support recovery from stress, training, injury, illness as well as post-surgery
  • Improve skin health
  • Administered safely by registered practitioners, in a hygienic, relaxed and comfortable space

Do the IV drips come with any side effects – during, immediately after or the next day?

There are no negative side effects at all – only the upside! Some reports of a slight headache after the detox drip. This is normal as the body is getting rid of toxins (as previously experienced by myself).

What are the costs of the IV?

The vitamin drips range between R695 to R1200 depending on the drip. It’s best to refer to the The DripBar for accurate costs.

Read more about Frequently Asked Questions about IV Vitamin Therapy

List of Vitamin Injections available at The DripBar

  • Jet Fuel – A general energy boost
  • Skin and gut health – Leaky gut, stress, IBS, mal-absorption, auto-immune disease, dull skin, break-outs, acne, musculo-skeletal injury and wound healing.
  • Immune Boost – Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, maintenance of health, Multiple sclerosis, diabetes and other chronic diseases, allergies, frequent colds.
  • Brain Boost – Brain fog, exams, studying, important meetings, presentations, mental fatigue, high stress, poor sleep, anxiety, mood restoration, focus, relaxation.
  • Detox – Fatigue, periods of high stress, alcohol, smoking, weight loss, depression, chronic medication.
  • Energy Boost – Chronic diseases as well as the stresses of everyday life can deplete energy (ATP) production and limit the uptake of nutrients.
  • Sports Recovery – Use pre- and post-training, as well as pre- and post-endurance sporting events. And for elite or pro-athletes, we know about WADA rules.
  • Anti-inflammatory / Auto-immune – Vitamins BCo, B12 and C + Glutathione and MSM.
  • Hangover Recovery and Jetlag – Long flights – end jetlag quickly (before and after travel), extreme temperature exposure, cold/flu, tummy bug, alcohol consumption, general fatigue.
  • Exercise Boost – This powerful vitamin and mineral cocktail contains Vitamin B’s, Magnesium, Vitamin C, Calcium and the amino acid L-Arginine which produces Nitric Oxide (NO) which in turn will give your that much needed exercise boost.


Seeing as the year is pushing on and we are into the third month of 2020 already, we could all do with a boost. The DripBar is giving one lucky Gauteng resident the opportunity to win a Jet Fuel Vitamin Drip as well as a bottle of The DripBar Kombucha. To enter simply enter HERE.

My Final Verdict

Four days ago I tried out the Jet Fuel IV at The DripBar. Despite my initial scepticism, I will have to admit that I did have a better experience this time around. No hungover feelings, no headaches and in fact a peaceful nights sleep. I can definitely feel an increase in my energy levels as well. There’s also a feeling of lightness but I honestly don’t know how to explain that aspect of it.

DISCLAIMER : I was recently received a vitamin drip, in exchange for my honest opinion of my experience.


  1. I have to try this….however you had me at leaky gut – I read about this the other day and treatment. I did not know South Africa is aware of leaky gut…..also I can’t wait for Ashton story

  2. You had the Jet Fuel IV at the Dripbar 🤞🏼🤞🏼

  3. Hi Natasha. You received the Jet Fuel IV. Hope I can win it for my hubby who I think would really benefit from something like this ❤️

  4. Such an informative post.

    And it couldn’t have come at a better time. Some of my colleagues and I were having a chat about vitamin drips just this week, as we are all suffering a bit with fatigue.

    Thank you for sharing your positive results with the Jet Fuel drip. It definitely sounds like one I should try out.
    And with an overseas trip on the books the hangover recovery & jetlag IV would also be useful.

  5. You had the JetFuel IV😉
    I was wondering about these drips and if they are beter then taking Vitamins daily.

  6. Jet fuel ✈ so appropriate for your line of work 😉

  7. Your dose of Jet fuel vitamin drip definitely sounds like something I’m in need of….3month in the new year and my tired is tired. Thanks for educating us on the various options to boost our vitamin intake

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