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The Benefits of Travelling with a Friend

Over the past few months I kept coming across articles that discuss the benefits of travelling with a friend. In fact research shows that travelling with a friend is amazing for your health. Proof is always in the pudding, so I put this theory to the test.

A few months ago I picked up the phone and called up my friend of 27 years and suggested we celebrate our friendship by doing an, “Eat, Pray, Love” kind of adventure. Neither of us needing encouragement, agreed and started planning our trip immediately.

The Benefits of Travelling with a Friend

#1 Excitement overload

The shear excitement of planning a trip with a friend is the moment that the adventure really begins. It creates immense excitement of things to look forward to with the highlight being the fact that you don’t need to hide that excitement.

catching flights not feelings
Catching flights, not feelings

#2 Shared responsibilities

Both of us are seasoned travellers so finding a place that both of us haven’t visited before was a challenge. I loved the fact that I got to plan a trip with someone who is like-minded and has a sense of adventure that matches mine. We collaborated on the plans but my friend trusted my judgement, so I ran with the final plans, sneaking in a destination we would never forget.

sultan cave suites
Breakfast at the Sultan Cave Suites

#3 Laughter for days

Laughter is indeed the best medicine. Colleen and I laughed non-stop for the entire 7 days during our travels through Turkey. Our first day on this friendship adventure came with it a series of unfortunate events, but laughter saw us support each other through those tough times. My dear friend also discovered something new about me and that was my hilarious sense of humour. The truth is you will see your friends from a different perspective and this will make you appreciate them all the more.

crazy times
All the carbs and all the craziness

#4 Girl tallk

I’m a chatterbox and travelling with my friend was amazing because we had all the girl talk we wanted. No holds barred conversations and real talk while sipping on wine was the order of the day. We shared moments of complete and utter craziness to moments of extreme vulnerability.

Dinner and real talk at Dibek Restaurant

#5 Shop until you drop.

Most guys don’t get what shopping means to us girls. Travelling with a “girl friend” means shopping to your hearts content without having to explain yourself. You also get to stand around aimlessly taking pics of your bestie, while it takes her 3 attempts to check in. But you will have her back and make sure that important pics are taken (and shared with the world at a later stage).

Third times charm

#6 Photo opportunities

Travelling with a friend means always having someone to take those insta-worthy pics of you. Plus you will level up on those pouting selfies. Amazing memories captured forever.

Blue Mosque

#7 Experiencing new things together

Travelling abroad together was a first for us. If that wasn’t amazing enough, we also had our first ever hot air balloon ride together. Sharing new experiences together will create memories to last you a lifetime.

hot air balloon
Bucket list moment – Our first hot air balloon ride
This may or may not have happened

#8 You’ll get that extra push

Travelling with friends who love you enough to be brutally honest is an exceptional way to be pushed outside of your comfort zone. You will come face to face with your reality, but you may also allow yourself to try news things purely because your know you are in good company.

tora grace
Besties for life

#9 Finding yourself

Along the way of life’s journey we often tend to lose ourselves amidst the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. Travelling with friends will help you reconnect with the person you inherently are.

#10 Down time achieved

As much as we adventured and took time to experience new things, we also caught up on much needed sleep. The assurance that you are travelling with someone who you can trust is what one needs when travelling. It’s the game-changer that ensures down time is achieved, especially for hard working single moms.

Our final verdict

When we departed South Africa for Istanbul, my blood pressure was spiking and I was experiencing abnormal bleeding. Aside from that we were experiencing the usual end of year burnout and fatigue. My doctor has cleared me to fly but had demanded I rest. Three days into our trip and my blood pressure had normalised. On the fourth day the bleeding had stopped and I had regained some energy. I therefore concur with the research that the benefits of travelling with a friend positively affect your health and well-being.

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Please drop me a comment and let me know if you have travelled with a friend and how your experience was.


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