benefits of meditation

The Benefits of Meditation

Meditation is a technique for resting the mind and attaining a certain state of consciousness. This state is one which is entirely different from the state you are at during your normal waking state. It is a state where one understands all the various levels within oneself and experiences the consciousness within.

When one is meditating, your mind is relaxed, clear and inwardly focused. Yes, you are fully alert and awake but your mind is not focused on external events which otherwise consume you. You calm and quiet your inner self so that your mind becomes silent and no longer distracts you.

In a nutshell, meditation is about relaxation and not concentration.

The main benefits of meditation are:

• Good concentration

• Better clarity

• A calm mind

• Improved communication

• Rejuvenation of the mind and body

Step outside – A meditation using visualisation

Eyes closed slow deep breaths

In out In out

In…. hold…..out

In… hold….outttttt

You see a bench…….. complete the image for yourself. Where is it? Park, beach? What season is it? What are the colours you see? Just add as much detail as your imagination permits.

Now zoom in on the bench.

Someone sits there. Notice the posture.

As you look closer the person is familiar to you.

You recognize the hair. The face. Those features are all too familiar. It’s like looking into a mirror.

It’s …… You!

And as you gaze at yourself you realise that you are no longer gazing – you have stepped out. You have stepped outside of yourself. And now as you sit alongside yourself take some time to take it all in.

Answer for yourself

What do you see?

What do you smell?

What taste is uppermost?

What do you hear?

And finally take your hand, hold your hand and feel what it feels like to be you.  Just be there for a while with yourself.

Now talk to yourself. Tell yourself all the things you need to hear. Ask yourself to acknowledge your humanness. Embrace this part of you. Now together acknowledge your greatness and successes. Congratulate yourself for all the good things you have achieved.

Now talk to yourself about the coming week. Discuss what lies ahead for the week. Together decide to work on what you can control and decide to let go of what you cannot control.

Make a decision to tackle what comes at you with vigour. Tell yourself that nothing you will face you in the next week you will face alone. You have your own back.

As you become again aware of you sitting next to you, you slowly become one with YOU.

You are no longer outside.

You are one.

And your union will champion you in the coming week.

Keep breathing slowly

And when you feel ready, open your eyes with the knowledge that together you’ve got the week ahead.

Lisa Faith


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