Your courage and determination motivates me

You have inspired me to get myself back on track. When I found your page on Instagram I was in a dark space going through PPD and I was uncomfortable in my own skin, all while trying to be a good mother. Your courage and determination motivates me to this day.  Totally off topic but I…

Best Blog Ever

OMG best blog everrrrrrrr!! I swear following you on Instagram was the best decision.  You have managed to make weight-loss look easy and super fun. Even without knowing, your consistency and passion has pushed me and motivated me a lot. I love the content as its so relevant and inspiring. Is it possible for you…

I love Tiger Stripes

You know what, you continue to amaze me! Like I’ve told you plenty of times you are one amazing woman, who deeply inspires me and I love you for that. My absolute favourite post is Tiger stripes.  Your blog is awesome and I cant wait for your next post ❤️ – Marlaine Witbooi aka Buttercup0584

Inspired by you

Your fitness journey inspired me to get back on track, which I have since done. Your daily posts are a great motivation. You’ve proven that you can do anything you put your mind to. I find it amazing how you’ve changed as a person, a better person – Francesca

You’ve got me motivated

You are such an inspiration and I can honestly say that since following your progress more religiously I am more motivated. What makes it so amazing, is that certain people prefer to show only the good, but you are not scared to show everything. Its so refreshing – Coralet Barnard