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Fitness is a Fit Affair

If you have been following my journey, you are probably asking yourself why I attended Fitness Magazine’s Fit Affair 2.0 that was held in Pretoria this weekend.

Well, it’s pretty simple.  Firsly, I love fitness events.  Secondly, fitness is a lifestyle and even though I may be battling an injury it is important that my mental game is strong. That’s why attending Fit Affair 2.0  was a no brainer.  Thirdly, you can’t beat the energy and vibe at a fitness event.  Events like these allow me the opportunity to keep the momentum going.  Besides, it means I get to hang and workout with my #fitfam and that’s the best part of it.


It’s the beginning of winter and the temperature at 8am was a chilly 8 degrees celsius.  The cold start didn’t last very long and the sun soon began to bake down on us, it wasn’t long before we started to feel the heat.

A tad frosty

The lineup started off with a stretch and activation session, which was followed by a Brazilian Booty workout which had us moving to the beat.  This was pretty much the only workout I could get involved in so I did my own thing and made the most of it.  It’s about listening to my body (and my doctor) but keeping my energy and spirits high.  It’s super easy to become demotivated and frustrated when faced with an injury, which in turn can see you fall off the bus.  I’ve come too far to let a set-back mess me up, so I’d rather be the girl who finds the silver lining.

Enter a caption

The last session was a HIIT workout, which I couldn’t do at all.  I must admit I had a serious case of FOMO watching from the sidelines.  I was however able to play photographer and it was amazing to watch my friends embrace this fitness event.  They were in it to win it and gave it their all.  I was so glad they decided to join me for this event because they left feeling amped and motivated.  Now this is what fitness events do for me and I was glad that I got to share it with my friends.

All in all another fabulous morning of getting up and getting moving.  Really hoping to see you at the next fitness event.  Check my Instagram account for more deets.

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Planet Fitness Sweat Party

Those of you that know me, will know that I absolutely love fitness events.

This time I headed off to the Planet Fitness Sweat Party held in association with USN and Women’s Health Magazine.  The event was held at the Nelson Mandela Square in Sandton which made for a grand venue, especially with the majestic statue of Madiba towering over us in the background.

Sharing in the Madiba Magic

A total of approximately 700 men, women and children attended the event and the fact that this event was for everyone justified my excitement.  It meant that I could workout with my kids and seeing that I’m on a mission to get my kids living a healthy and active life this was the ideal event for us.

He’s definitely #FitLikeMummy

Host Siv Ngesi brought the energy and his dynamic personality as he kicked off the event.  Let me not forget to mention that he brought the moves as well.  His witty and out-there sense of humour had everyone pumped and rearing to go.  My little one was super excited to meet the uber dynamic Siv in person.

Skylar & Siv Ngesi


We eased into the proceedings for the day with a warm-up of Sun Salutation Yoga, which was followed by a very intense Zumba challenge and Brazilian Booty Blast that I will be feeling for days.  Then it was more Zumba Fitness and Strong by Zumba which definitely turned the mornings event into a sweat party of note.  The fact that it was an exceptionally hot day magnified the situation and we were sweating up a storm.  And of all days I decided to workout in white.

The highlight of fitness events is the introduction of new and exciting workouts.  The Planet Fitness Sweat Party introduced PILOXING which is basically a combination where Boxing meets Pilates meets Dance.  This was hands-down my favorite workout of the day and is definitely the type of exercise that appeals to me and my personality.

The day came to an end with Bollywood fusion followed by a Yoga cool down. All in all it was a fantastic morning and even though we finished earlier than scheduled I honestly think everyone was super grateful as it was exceptionally hot and space was limited.  USN treated everyone with samples of their products all morning long and then if that wasn’t enough we were given a parting gift and sent on our merry and sweaty way with a Spike in hand.

This event was exceptionally special for me because I got to meet so many people who follow me and my blog.  It was so lovely to hear about their journeys and experiences.  Words will never be able to express the gratitude I feel for the kind words of encouragement and thanks received on the day.  Days like these reaffirm how surrounding yourself with like-minded people is essentially the key to winning at maintaining a healthy lifestyle change.