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Survival guide for families during the lock-down

As a parent, I know how difficult this time is for families with kids. We’re not only worrying about being isolated; we also have to worry about our child’s future in this world, our child’s education and a million and one other things. While none of us have the answers and the future is a mystery, I’ve teamed up with The Fry’s Food Company to bring you a survival guide for families during the isolation period.

Here are my top tips for surviving the lockdown:

1. Create a routine – With the whole family in one space, you need to create some structure in the day. It doesn’t have to be inflexible, but a rough guide as to what gets done, when.

2. Openly communicate with your children – Allow some time to chat with your children about the current situation, how it spreads and how they can play a role in “flattening the curve”. Arm them with information, not fear.

3. Make the best of the situation – It’s not often that families get to spend quality time together Seize the moment and try and enjoy the time you have together.

4. Add some bedtime relaxation to your routine – Get some lavender oil, a diffuser or light some candles and spend 10min together listening to relaxing music or guided meditation. We don’t always know how much our children may internalise their stress. By doing this, we bring peace into our homes and keep anxiety at bay.

Move your body

5. Stay active – There’s nothing like a workout to dissolve stress and anxiety. Forget the goals you set at the beginning of 2020 and merely aim to get your body to move. Aim to get those endorphins pumping and aim to have fun together.

Quick, easy and plant-based meals for families

Ashton and Skylar absolutely love Fry’s “chicken” burgers so they cooked lunch for us. Watch the video HERE to see how they did. Below are a few more meal ideas.

Vegan Chicken Burgers - Fry's Family Food Australia
  • Hawaiian “chicken” burgers and potato wedges
  • Chicken nuggets, mixed veg and mash
  • Breakfast banger burrito with black beans, avo and salsa
  • Breakfast bangers, grilled tomatoes and mushrooms
  • Thick cut chunky strips stir-fry
  • Breakfast bangers, tomato smoor and mash
  • Veggie mince burritos
  • Banger, pea and pepper casserole with baby potatoes
  • Prawn style curry
  • Cottage pie
  • Falafel wraps
  • Smoked sausage, bean and olive casserole
  • Spicy corn, banger and mexican-style rice
  • Butternut balls in pitas
  • Mediterranean sausage, baked beans and fries
  • Mince samoosas
  • Fry’s pizza

  • Mince veggie curry with peas and potatoes
  • Prawn style wraps
  • Sausage on a stick in a cous cous and polenta herbed blanket

The above meal ideas are all plant-based and make use of The Fry’s Family Company products. You can check out the full range of the products HERE.

For some of my other recipes check out the foodie section on the blog HERE

Bonus tips for working parents

I am one of these, so I know you are reading this post and rolling your eyes thinking “how on earth do I get through all of this?”

  • Find a few good documentaries (my kids love Planet Earth) and let the kids watch them while you work.
  • There are great educational apps and games – download them and lift the technology restrictions temporarily – DON’T FEEL GUILTY!
  • Download a few audio books that they can listen to.
  • Schedule your work into 2 hour blocks. You work for 2 hrs, then you do something with the kids for 30 minutes. If you start early, you should easily manage to complete your work tasks

We we continue to make our way through these uncertain times, let’s work towards being #StrongerTogether. Should kindness and community over competition. Together we as a Nation we have achieved so much and COVID-19 shouldn’t be an exception. We really hope that this survival guide for families during the lock-down

Resources : This blog post is a summarised version of a blog post on The Fry’s Family Company blog.

Disclaimer : This is a paid campaign with The Fry’s Food company. Te opinions shared are an unbiased and honest opinion. Fry’s products are a staple on our weekly grocery shopping list as we absolutely love their products.


  1. Thank you for this post and the suggestions. Stay safe FLM family

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      Only a pleasure. Hope you guys are having fun

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