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Staying Fit After 40 and Surviving Brain Lupus

This month is my birthday month and I will be turning 49 years old. I look back 10 years at what was happening to me. I was fighting for my life and bargaining with God to give me another chance. I promised I would do good! I was fighting Brain Lupus, an illness I did not understand and my body was going through things I did not think was physiologically possible. To complicate an already difficult situation, I couldn’t find much written on the topic in any physiology book. I woke up in the early hours of one morning in search of answers that maybe I was going to find an explanation somewhere in the book of what was happening to me. I don’t think I can explain what I was going through. In all honesty I didn’t want to understand what was happening to me . One of my friends explained it later to me as .. “I smelled death”. I have no idea what he meant but I understood how I looked.

I am so grateful that my late Mom, who passed in July 2018 was brave enough to take care of me the best way she knew how. This was despite the fact that we had an estranged relationship. She was also fearful for her life because during my worst hallucination episode as a results of Lupus attacking my brain, I almost stabbed her.

I am forever grateful for my mom’s love and bravery to take care of me. Thinking of her … my heart runneth over with effortless love, joy, forgiveness, compassion and appreciation. She was a gentle soul and I know she is at peace looking so proud of me.

I look at myself now and I have never felt healthier, fitter, sexier and more confident like I do today. Living a fit life after 40 is fabulous. I am able to exercise and perform yoga poses I never thought I would ever do even at 20 years of age. My journey has brought life full circle and I am currently building a successful Health and Fitness business empire.

My mission is to help people to connect to their true health by sharing my story and the tools that I used to heal myself naturally from Brain Lupus, depression and loose 15kg body fat. I want to make people aware that if I could do it, so can they. We are all born with an innate knowing on how to live and participate fully at our utmost best on this earth in everything we do, in all areas of our life’s and at whatever age. This is my mission to help people tap into that inner knowing and I am doing it with joy, fun and excitement. I will be sharing my story and the tools at my first Action Yoga Workshop: Healing from Within on the 16th April at the Go Health gym in Sandton

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Namaste, the great in me sees the great in you. Stay blessed. – Mali Ramara

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