Spies in disguise review

Spies In Disguise Review : Hilariously brilliant

Based on the 2009 animated short “Pigeon: Impossible”, Spies in Disguise reworks the story and brings in two major movie stars in Will Smith and Tom Holland. My kids attended a private screening of Spies in Disguise and according to their Spies in Disguise review, it was hilariously brilliant“.

Spies in Disguise is the latest kid friendly movie to hit the big screen this summer. This comedic adventure sees the world’s greatest super slick secret agent, Lance Sterling (Will Smith) and awkward tech genius Walter (Tom Holland) join forces. The unlikely duo team up for the ultimate mission.

Hilariously Brilliant, according to my kids

Spies in Disguise is a hilariously brilliant movie set in the high octane globe-trotting world of international espionage. This action packed movie gains its coolness factor from the two super star leads.

Will Smith (Men in Black) voices Lance Sterling, the world’s most awesome spy. Cool, charming and super-skilled, saving the world is his occupation.

Almost the exact opposite of Lance is Walter, voiced by Tom Holland (Spider-Man: Homecoming). Walter is a great mind lacking in social skills. The highly smart and inventive Walter is the scientific genius who invents the gadgets Lance uses on his missions. In my opinion, Spies in Disguise channels serious James Bond vibes.

Watch the SECRET trailer below to see why you shouldn’t miss what promises to be this summers block buster.

The movie delivers plenty of family fun for viewers of all ages from silly slapstick comedy for the young kids and some dark humor for the adults.

Spies in Disguise releases on Christmas Day!! After a delicious Christmas lunch, head to the movies for a lazy afternoon of sheer entertainment. I must admit that I’m not sure that the 25th was a good idea for the release. However, I do feel that Spies in Disguise delivers.

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