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SoPure Naturally helped alleviate allergy symptoms

Are all year round allergies a problem in your home?  It definitely is an issue in our home especially when it comes to my 10-year-old son.  All year-round allergies result from exposure to house dust for example. The nose becomes congested, itchy, and sometimes runny, and the mouth and throat become itchy. These early symptoms then manifest into bigger health issues.

I’m no eco-warrior but I believe that you shouldn’t knock something until your try it.  Plus anything that will help my little boy will be an absolute blessing. I really am a skeptic when it comes to natural products because I honestly believe that not all products are what they claim to be.  I teamed up with SoPure Naturally in December to put their products to the test.

While the SoPure range collection includes everything from baby to beauty to household, my family and I put 6 of their much talked about products through its paces.

Our Experience with SoPure

Skylar my 10-year-old is prone to all year round allergies and struggles severely during change of season and/or climates.  In December we embarked on a 14 day road trip that saw us exposed to the elements as we traveled around the country.

KZN and Mpumalanga both known for the extreme mosquito conditions was a huge concern for us. Firstly because the Kruger National Park is a malaria risk area and secondly because Skylar is allergic to them nasty blood suckers. The mozzie spray was going to definitely be put to the test.  We didn’t get bitten except for one evening when we were covered from head to toe in bites, only to later realise that I hadn’t followed the directions as stipulated on the bottle. The mozzie spray needs to be shaken properly to be activated. To make 100% sure if it does work as well as the claims, we continued to test the spray over the past few weeks and it definitely does work.  My son says he absolutely loves the vanilla scent as opposed to the aggressive citronella smell. 

Let me add that the 60ml travel sizes came in handy on our road trip.  The body wash and bubble bath are both light and gentle.  Skylar normally experiences dry skin and pretty much nothing seems to help.  Since we started using these products, dry skin is a thing of the past.  My boys also love the fact that its fragrance-free and doesn’t have that girly smell (their words not mine).  

Bubbles for days
              Bubbles for days

The hand wash blew me away.  Check out my Instagram post below to find out how the unexpected and unintended use of the product saved the day.

As soon as I received the products to test, I made a point of spraying all our beds with the Mite Spray.  During our road trip we stayed 6 different accommodations.  I also sprayed all those beds as well.  Skylar has definitely been sleeping well and hasn’t been congested for almost two months which is wonderful for my boy.

I’m sure you spotted the baby bottle and teat wash, but there aren’t any babies in our house.  I actually used it for my gym bottles and protein shakers.  Workout areas are home to an incredible amount of germs which means your water bottles need to be cleaned effectively to remove bacteria and germs.  The wash is also great to remove those odours that normally builder up in protein drink shakers and it works like a bomb.  I tried it on my plastic and stainless steel bottles and shakers and it worked well on both.  No more odours.

SoPure Naturally products are 100% safe for the whole family, including babies and is eco-friendly.  Plus if it safe for my babies then its definitely safe for my fur baby too.  Having a new puppy in the house means loads of oopsies and loads of cleaning up, so the fact that the products remove 99% of bacteria is peace of mind for this mom.  I must admit that I’m tremendously impressed by the range as it’s made a huge difference in our lives in such a short time

Disclaimer : Products were provided by SoPure Naturally to test and provide an unbiased review.

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