O Nutricia Collagen + Vit C capsules


Collagen on-the-go
Perfect to carry in your handbag
Great for those holiday travels
90 capsules = one-month supply
Additive and colourant free
Suitable for halaal and diabetic diets
Suitable for Paleo and Banting

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O Nutricia + Vit C is a premium nutricosmetic, formulated to rejuvenate and revitalize skin cells by increasing collagen levels, thereby rebuilding the skin matrix. Vit C is an essential vitamin, needed by the human body for the growth and repair of tissue cells, and assists in the biosynthesis of collagen. O Nutricia Collagen + Vit C can help plump the outer layer of your skin naturally, thus reducing the appearance of fine lines and other flaws, ease joint and bone pain, strengthen nails and hair, maintain and build muscle, heal the gut and detox the liver. Whilst our body produces enough amino acids, during times of stress or sickness these levels drop, and so supplementation is essential.


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