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A few weeks ago I attended an extremely informative session with the Shield Team in Johannesburg. We were a small, intimate group which made for an amazingly interactive session about the Shield Even Tone range.

While sitting around a boardroom table, we were told that research shows that at least 86% of South African women are concerned about dark underarm marks, and this does very little for your confidence. Could Shield Even Tone range be the solution?

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What causes dark marks under your arms?

  • Hair removal
  • Chaffing
  • A poorly fitted bra that cuts into the armpit area repeatedly
  • Failing to use a moisturiser
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I hate those dark marks

Moisturising your Armpits

Yes I just said, “moisturise your armpits”. This never crossed my mind, ever! It can however help your underarms a huge deal. Counter dryness by moisturising your underarms. To save you a step, you can also use a deodorant with moisturising properties like the Shield Even Tone range.

Vitamin B3

This is why Shield is proud to announce that the Shield Even Tone antiperspirant contains Vitamin B3, in time for you to say goodbye to dark marks, hello even tone skin in just 7 days!

Shield Even Tone Review

Shield boasts a noticeable improvement in just 7 days so I did a 7 day trial. I can definitely see an improvement and am thus certain that with continued use of Even Tone Deodorant my skin will retain its natural pigmentation.

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The Shield Even Tone range is available for men and women. At this point I must admit that I have always used one particular brand and have never been keen to try anything else. The 7 day trial seriously took me out of my comfort zone and I must admit that I have happily changed my brand of deodorant to Shield. It’s effective and doesn’t break the bank either.

Now you can give those high fives, reach for objects high above and wear your favourite sleeveless tops without having to worry about dark marks under your arms. Say Goodbye Dark Marks, Hello Even Tone Skin.

DISCLAIMER : I was hosted by Shield were we learnt about their products and the science behind it. We were given goodie bags with a range of products to try out. The opinions above remain my own

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