Seltzer Essence Range Giveaway

Seltzer water … brought us honest to goodness flavoured water. Then they brought us Seltzer Lite. Now in 2018 they have brought us the Essence range.  The Seltzer Essence range boasts

  • No sugar
  • No sweeteners
  • No preservatives
  • Natural flavours
  • Low GI

Seltzer Essence is music to every health conscious and every fitness fanatics ears. The Essence range is no-nonsense #HonestWater that tastes uber delicious. The refreshing taste and flavours will see you through the summer heat, without negatively impacting on your healthy lifestyle.  For those looking to reduce their sugar consumption or those who opt for sugar-free, Seltzer Essence is the range for you. All the goodness and absolutely no guilt.   Better still, the Essence range is the perfect solution to accompany my kid’s school lunches. The Essence range makes for perfect anytime drink for the whole family.


The range comes in three flavours:-

    • Watermelon and Mixed Berry


    • Pink Grapefruit and Strawberry


  • Green Apple and Mint

Seltzer Essence Hamper Giveaway

One lucky individual stands a chance of winning a Seltzer Essence sparkling water hamper valued at R500 by entering the giveaway on my Instagram & Facebook page

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