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I love rotis, however I don’t make them often enough. I have shared my recipe on my Instagram page, but I’ve just realised that it isn’t on my blog. Now that we are in lock-down, I have time to do the thing, take some pics and share this simple SA Roti recipe with you.

This Indian girl grew up in the heart of Chatsworth, Durban and was fortunate enough to gain loads of experience in the kitchen from both her grandmothers. They were amazing home cooks, but had two extremely different styles of cooking. When it came to rotis, one called them rotis and the other called them handmade bread. Even the manner in which rotis aka handmade bread were made took on two very different approaches. As as result, this Indian girl has benefited immensely and is a boss in the kitchen.

Are you even Indian?

Watch my TikTok video before moving onto the recipe below.

What is a roti?

Do you know what a roti is? While I seriously doubt that there isn’t a person who doesn’t know what a roti is, let me clarify. A roti is a round flatbread native to the Indian subcontinent made from stone-ground wholemeal flour. Traditionally known as atta. Water and flour combined into a dough. Its defining characteristic is that it is unleavened. 

Here are a few curry recipes that will go perfectly with your rotis

Rotis are best served with a good curry, but I’d highly recommend that you try a freshly made roti with butter and strawberry jam. Give this SA roti recipe a try and let me know in the comments if the butter and jam combo is a winner.

Stay home, stay safe and happy cooking up a storm.


  1. I made this recipe today! My goodness it was delicious. Thank you for sharing this recipe. My roti’s did not come out round but it tasted amazing.

    • OMG Im soooooo happy You have made my day

    • Im so happy that the recipe worked out for you. The shape doesnt matter Its the taste that counts


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