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Pictionary Air new and improved board game for the entire family

Last week we received an awesome delivery from Mattel South Africa and when we discovered what was in the box, everyone pretty much lost their minds. We are a serious board-gaming family and Pictionary ranks pretty high on the list of our fav board games. Mattel just levelled up on the whole pictionary front with the introduction of Pictionary Air which is a news and improved board game for the entire family.

Pictionary Air 2019

No, you don’t draw in the air with your finger, but pretty close. Pictionary Air takes things to the next level. Mattel is moving with the times by taking this old favourite to the tech world of the 21st century. Now you can get up and get moving with Pictionary Air which has an hilarious twist. You have to sketch in the air and your drawing is simultaneously displayed onto your phone, tablet or can be cast to your TV screen.

How does it Pictionary Air by Mattel work?

Once you have your Pictionary Air, you will first need to download the app. Pictionary Air requires that there are two teams. You will keep track of the score on the app, which also presents multiple gameplay modes. Pictionary Air permits you to customise your settings by giving players more or less time to guess. You can record, snap and save all your funny, memorable and awkward moments as well as share them to social media. All I’m saying is that social media was never ready!

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Our Verdict

We’ve been playing the game over the past week to get a true sense of the new version of Pictionary. The boys and I can truly say that we have not been disappointed. Pictionary Air delivers on creating memorable moments of laughter for players 8 years and older. The boys love the techy take on the game, especially because it has an app. I love that it’s compact and that I can take it anywhere from home to picnics to roadtrips.

Pictionary Air by Mattel has been available from July 2019 at selected retailers at a recommended retail price of R449.99. With Christmas around the corner Pictionary Air, new and improved board game would make for the perfect gift for the entire family.

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