My Christmas Fitness Wishlist

Dear Santa

I have been a good girl this year, but will need some clarification on your definition of GOOD. I’ve smashed out some serious goals. I’ve even been a tad extra and took this whole lifestyle change thing to a badass level. I mean I did lose 15kg this year. So, all I want for Christmas is a long list of really cool fitness gear to help me reach my goal of losing the next 10kg.

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🎄 Asics Gel Kayano 24

I’m definitely due for a new pair of running shoes. I mean, a fitness girl can never have enough running shoes, can she Santa?!?! These flat feet of mine are really problematic, however Asics seems to do the trick with their awesome range of stability shoes. The Gel Kayano 24 with its enhanced cushioned ride and high-level support is the perfect fit for me. Please just don’t let them be pink or purple, as I’m really not that kinda girl. If all else fails, I will gladly settle for the GT 2000.Asics-Women-s-Kayano-24-Shoes-Cushion-Running-Shoes-Blue-Purple-Regatta-SS18-T799N-4840-4-3🎄 Sweat belt

Okay, so I need to keep it real at this point. A girl needs all the help she can get and after 5 operations in my mid-section area, I desperately need this sweat belt. It is clinically proven to increase body temperature, so you sweat more. It helps maintain perfect back support and posture (well that’s what they say). They do also state that the vertical flex bars provide total coverage of the abdomen, but hey let’s be honest … not all abdomens are created equal! So the proof will most certainly be in the christmas pudding, but I’m so prepared to be a guinea pig in this case.🎄 Berri Fitness Resistance Bands

2018 will see me elevate my home workouts. These leg resistance bands are just the way to get it done. They help increase strength, agility and speed. They also improve lateral quickness and sprints, but I need them to intensify my bodyweight exercises like squats, lunges and mountain climbers. Watching Yolanda Sokhela in action with these babies, is all the proof I need to confirm that a savage workout is guaranteed.🎄Socks

Yes, you heard right Santa. I did say I want socks, afterall aren’t socks the perfect christmas gift? It seems that my socks are permanently being sucked into a blackhole somewhere (well actually its always just one sock of a pair). To make matters worse, my guys prefer my socks to their own, don’t ask me why but they do! Seriously though, good quality socks are important to keep feet feeling dry, secure and comfortable during workouts. They also prevent smelly running shoes. Santa, I think these would make for the perfect stocking🎄Buffs

I’m obviously full of suggestions but buffs are another perfect stocking filler. I absolutely love love love my buffs. I can’t seem to get enough of them. They are perfect for both summer and winter. Buffs are great for absorbing sweat and preventing it from running into my eyes. Look, I get I shouldn’t be sweating the small stuff because it’s just sweat , but holy hell sweat in ones eyes burns like a mother. Buffs also help protect my tattoos from the sun. So please help a girl out and hook me up. I have no preference in terms of colour or design (just not pink or purple, and definitely no flowers).

🎄Fitbit Ionic

So while I do already have a Fitbit Charge 2 (which I love), the Ionic is what every girl (and guy) dreams of. With features like personalised coaching, built-in GPS, heart rate monitoring, water-resistance, cardio fitness level and Pandora stations why wouldn’t I have this watch on my list? Santa this watch stores and plays music, it even makes payments and it comes with a Corning Gorilla Glass 3 touchscreen (which is perfect for me because I’m clumsy AF). I promise to be really good for the next three years if I find this under my christmas tree.🎄 Exercise clothing

I’ve really been holding out on buying expensive exercise clothing because of the obvious weight-loss, but Santa this girl seriously wants and needs some gear from Adidas. Granted, a kidney or two may have to be sold to fund this but it will be oh so worth it. There is nothing better than looking fabulous and strong while you workout. I promise to put out some zucchini chocolate chip cookies and almond milk for you on Christmas eve in exchange for some Adidas gear.



So this is as basic as my wish list is going to get. Variety in training is the key and using a step will help create that much-needed variety. I need this for cardio and plyometric training. In terms of my fitness goals, I just want to look as graceful as Yolanda Sokhela does in her step workouts. Santa, I strongly suggest you look into this and possibly try it out. Don’t get me wrong here. I’m not saying you are fat our anything, just that it looks like loads of fun and is so worth a try.🎄 Sports bra

Now let me tell you something Santa. Losing my boobs was not what I signed up for when I started my weight-loss and fitness journey. Frankly, I’m a tad peeved that I lost more than I had bargained on. I loved my boobs and now all I sit with are saggy boobs that my kids say, “look like wet socks”. Even the hubster isn’t impressed. Anyway Santa, I guess I need to make peace … build a bridge … move on swiftly … get the hell over it!!! Now back to my wish list after that little rant (Sjoe do I feel better after that). This Puma sports bra will be the answer to my prayers. This amazing looking bra will take my boobs from “saggy” to “SEXY AF”, so bag it; wrap it and place it under my tree please.

🎄 Speed ladder

Okay I know that this is the third time that I’m mentioning Yolanda Sokhela but she so inspires me. Honestly Santa, I didn’t know that a speed ladder was a thing until I saw her video on Instragram. The speed ladder would be perfect for developing my core, coordination (which I have none of) and body control. Plus I think that the kids would love it too, so it could be a gift for the entire family. They do say, “A family that trains together, stays together”.So my dearest Santa, I’m really not asking for much as you can see. I will continue to be a good girl over the festive season and will count the days until Christmas morning. I just know you are going to make my wish list a reality, but I will gladly settle for a set of kickass abs.

Happy Holidays Santa

Much love, FitLikeMummy 💋

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