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My Favourite Travel Essentials

I’m a world traveller, having visited more than 100 cities and over time I’ve come up with my favourite travel essentials . Many of these products come with me on all of my trips whether it’s a shot’ left in sunny South Africa or a long haul trip somewhere foreign. Fact is, my favourite travel essentials makes adventuring pleasure.

My 10 Travel Essentials

  • Backpack or Tote. I actually travel with both. A large tote works well when flying. I love it because can throw all my stuff into it without the fuss. Everything from travel docs to healthy snacks finds it way into my tote. A backpack is awesome to travel with as it frees up your hands and if you your bag is heavy, you don’t feel that weight on your hands. It is also perfect for your adventuring expeditions.
  • Travel Diary. Travel journals are a place where you can write about the trips you have taken. I love recording my experiences and what I have learned on my travels. My travel journey zips closed. I keep copies of all travel docs in there as well in case of emergency. If you are not keen to lug an actually travel diary with you, then source an online trip journal can come anywhere.
  • Travel Wallet. Normally larger than your everyday wallet, is ideal travel companion. It stores your ID; passport; tickets and vouchers. Mine has a pocket with a zip for loose change. Many travel wallet don’t have this feature though.
  • Comfy pair of shoes. A pair of comfy shoes is none negotiable. I mostly travel in flat boots (during winter) or sneakers (during summer). Heels may look stunning for those Insta worthy travel pics but are not advisable. Especially when you are running between terminals to catch flights. Sneakers that are stretchy and without laces are perfect for flying. Keep in mind that our feet tend to swell when flying, so shoes shouldn’t be too tight.
  • Camera gear. The one thing I never leave home without is my travel camera gear. I’m extra and take it all … my Canon DSLR, Gopro 7, Instax and my cellphone. Don’t forget chargers, batteries, Instax film and extra SD cards. You don’t miss that perfect photo opportunity.
  • Power bank & charging cables. Spending copious amounts of time travelling and sightseeing, can only mean tons of pics and selfies. I have a separate bag for power banks and chargers.
  • Sunglasses. I’m all about a decent pair of sunglasses. Weather and climates change and its important to look after our eyes, Plus cool sunnies, make for the perfect #LOTD pics
  • Neck cushion. I’ve tried several neck cushions over the year and I finally found a memory foam neck cushion. It’s life and make travelling in economy a bit comfier.
  • Comfy jersey or sweater. I make it a point to dress in layers when I travel. Being comfortable when travelling is super important to managing fatigue and those dreaded body aches and pains.
  • Headphones. These are given to you on airlines, but I really need to get myself a good pair of over-ear headphones. Travelling with a noisy family (like mine) or having a crying baby next to you on your flight can create anxiety.

Tried and tested around the world by yours truly. I really hope that my list of travel essentials helps make your travels a lot easier and more pleasant. Please let me know if I missed something by leaving a comment below.

“Travel before you run out of time”

Happy Travels xxx


  1. Good Advice, what neck cushion do you use? There are so many on the market, its difficult to tell which are not worth it.

    1. Author

      it’s a memory foam one from the travel shop

  2. Thanks for this, its really great.

    1. Author

      Typo has some on sale

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