Mothers Day

What Emotion Did Mother’s Day Evoke for You?

May, the month of celebrating Mothers is in full force and with Mother’s Day having just passed, the big question remains, “what are the thoughts and feelings that come to the fore when you think about Mother’s Day?”

Just take a while and sit with those thoughts and feelings. Now I am fully cognisant of the different relationships, interactions and bonds we have with our Mothers. I too, am very much aware of the same we share with our offspring. I know that life is not always a bed of roses, therefore I would like us to spend a little time examining these relationships.

Okay! I don’t want to assume anything. I want you to be able to explore freely what you feel about your Mother or about being a mother.  These relationships can make or break us.

I want us to take some time to express those missed opportunities. While you may not feel up to doing this, don’t know how to do it, or just prefer to say in a safe space … This is for anyone who has a Mum (with us or who has passed).

Just take a moment to settle yourself and make yourself comfortable. Now close your eyes. Breathe in deeply and hold for 5. Then exhale slowly. Now repeat this 5 times

The next step is to allow your mind to take you to your place of peace. 

Look around and drink it all it all in …

  • See It – Look around and see everything there is to see.
  • Smell It – Inhale and smell what it smell like to be in your place of peace.
  • Taste it – Put your tongue out and taste the air. Taste the energy in the atmosphere.
  • Touch it – Take some time to touch the things around you, making the space you’re in your minds eye real to you.
  • Feel it – Absorb the feelings around you. Become one with the feelings of positivity pregnant in the air.

Now take just a minute to BE. As you do so, continue to be aware of the peaceful setting embracing you.

All of a sudden a sole figure cuts the horizon. It proceeds down the path.  As the figure approaches and draws closer you start to feel a surge of joy. The recognition comes!!

Oh my goodness me.  MOM! You jump up and rush to greet her in a loving embrace. All the feelings of the past, present and future rush in and out. All the exchanges of the past rush in and out. Its important to remember that all the while you are in control here.

This reality you will create according to you, your wants, needs and desires  – IRRESPECTIVE of  the relationship you have in reality with your MOM. This is your space to say whats on your mind –

  • Express how your feel
  • Release each other from traumatic bonds of the past
  • Express thanks
  • Express forgiveness
  • Say I love you

This list is limitless and will be guided by your own experience.  It may be that chance you need to release yourself from hurts your have been carrying. It may be an opportunity to reconnect in this realm. It may be a chance to say things unsaid before untimely death. It may be an opportunity to reaffirm your love.

Whatever has been your experience, this is the chance to make it work for you,  and to turn it into something positive. It’s entirely up to you what you choose to focus on and you are by no means limited to the focus here.

Spend some time here in your place of peace with your Mom. See, Smell, Taste, Touch and Feel as much as you can.

Spend as long as you like here. And when you feel the time has come to take your leave, thank your Mom for this time together. Watch her as she becomes a shadow on the horizon. Keep waving to her until she eventually disappears into the colour of the sky. Remain in your silence for as long as you feel necessary.

When you are ready open your eyes.  Take some time to journal about this experience so that in time to come you may reflect back on it.

In essence we are a reflection of our Mom’s. I do hope that this exercise was useful to you. Know always that you are the creator of the journey and the outcome is generated by what you put in.

I sincerely hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day with the Mother in your life. I pray for those Moms no longer with us, we remember them at this special time of year.

With Love and Blessings

Lisa Faith

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