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Monopoly Cash Grab Makes It Rain Money

We are a board game loving family with a rather impressive collection. Skylar, my 11 year old’s favourite game by far is Monopoly, but as we all already know, Monopoly is a time consuming game.

Hasbro Gaming Officials’ latest spin on the age-old favourite is Monopoly Cash Grab and boy is it super entertaining. This quick paced game has been trending across social media pages and we were so excited to be gifted one. Monopoly Cash Grab, is a quick paced game about who gets the cash. There’s no board, no die, no houses and no banker.

So how is it Monopoly I hear you ask. Monopoly Cash Grab comes with a blaster, spinner, Monopoly cash and Chance cards. Its simple and the idea is to load the Monopoly money and Chance cards into the Blaster (okay so there is a “Banker”), then shoot it into the air making it rain money. Quick hands ensures you grab as much cash as you can. Chance cards, up the ante and allow you to take money from others. Once the blaster is empty, the player with the most cash wins! Its as simple as taking candy from a baby.

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Monopoly Cash Grab is the perfect board game as it’s compact and uncomplicated. We loved taking it with us on picnics and getaways for these very reasons. Monopoly Cash Grab gets a 2 thumbs up from us.

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  1. We also love Monopoly but it can be a very time consuming game. This sounds like something we would like.

    1. Author

      It’s perfect especially for little ones

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