Mile 8 by David Higgs

I was beyond humbled to be part of a select group who were invited to attend a celebration in honor of David Higgs, hosted by Discovery at the beautiful #HealthyFoodStudio in Sandton.

Davids Higgs, acclaimed chef, restaurateur and TV personality recently launched his book, MILE 8. What started out as a book about cooking, has turned into a biography about a man and the events that led him to become the incredibly talented chef that he is today.

David nostalgically shared stories with all in attendance about his childhood, from catching his first fish to the humble beginnings of a young boy growing up in Namibia. He was sure to mention his mom and gran, the two strong women who played a pivotal role in his life and the person he has become today. Throughout his speech, David ever so often laid his hand on a copy of Mile 8 that rested on the counter top alongside where he stood. The intense look on his face was a clear indication of the emotions pumped into Mile 8.

The paradox that exists between his lightheartedness and directness are evidence of a man without pretenses. Higgs is real, unfiltered and unapologetic about who he is and his journey. To be honest, my encounter with David Higgs left me in awe. There is so much more to the co-owner of Marble. He’s an old soul with a deep sense of appreciation for life and people. He’s about giving back to those in need and going good. David who happens to also be a cyclist, runs an incredible initiative called Food Cycle which supports children in sustaining their active lives.

As his speech drew to a close, David Higgs shared that Mile 8 was for his dad. An extremely emotional and overwhelmed David couldn’t continue as the tears ran down his face. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room, and it all came full circle. It was rather evident that this book means the world to him and its not just a collection of his famous recipes. Mile 8, an ode to David’s dad encapsulates a lifetime of memories, dedication, determination and love.

Dr. Craig Nossel took over and sang David’s praises, before we were treated to an extraordinary lunch. The day’s festivities drew to an end as David did a book signing for all in attendance.

I honestly can’t wait to start reading my copy of Mile 8, as well as to try out some of those incredible David Higgs recipes. A very special thank you Discovery Health for a fabulous morning filled with loads of inspiration.

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