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Marnie’s World Review : It’s not for kids

The latest children’s movie on the big screen is about a very innocent and naive cat named Marnie. Marnie’s obsessed owner doesn’t let her out the house, so she only knows about real life from television. A chance meeting with a cowardly dog, terrified rooster and confused donkey is the beginning of an adventure for the crazy anti-heroes who are on the run. You were never ready but here is my Marnie’s World review, “It’s not for kids“. Well it is, but I don’t think it is.

Marnies World

Marnie’s World and its’s somewhat inappropriate content

We went to watch Marnie’s World this past weekend and as already mentioned, we didn’t feel it was suitable for children. Then again the odd and witty moments with rude and sexual references will probably go over the little ones heads. Little children may be oblivious, but teens will pick up on content that leans towards adult content. Another Marnie’s World Review revealed that 5 minutes had to be cut from the movie so that it could be rated as a movie for children.

There’s the horny chickens waiting for the rooster to do his bit while they scream “Bunga Bunga”. Marnie’s super voluptuous owner and her taxidermy cats. The picture on the wall of cows mating and poorly mannered animals does set a good example for children. Marnie’s world is definitely not Disney or Pixar but it has it moments of being entertaining. You can watch the trailer HERE.

The movie had the attention of the little ones for 30 minutes max then they began running around and playing. I’m sure parents were ever grateful for the Kids Cinema set-up that kept their little ones occupied.

Marnie’s World walked a very fine line to achieve that PG rating. Its entertaining but not something I’d watch again or recommend. On the upside, there is a strong message about cruelty to animals.


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