Loving your mom bod – It’s time to learn to accept yourself and your body

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As women we are our own worst enemies. Over critical and judgy AF, then throw having babies into the mix and we end up with a mixed bag. A lack of confidence, negativity and poor body image. Granted, there are a handful of women who continue to love their bodies beyond becoming a mother. During my recent live interview with Lynne Huysamen from Kaboutjie we discussed How to love you mom bod? Truth is, loving your mom bod is vitally important.

Conquering your confidence

I’ve always had loads of confidence but it unfortunately took four decades for me to fully and unconditionally accept and love myself. Now there is no holding me back and I refuse to miss out on living life to the fullest with my family purely because of the way I may or may not be perceived by others. You can listen to the full interview to get all the details on how I conquered my confidence by clicking here.

Here’s a my tips on loving your mom bod through every season

  1. Identify your negative chains.
  2. Work towards breaking those negative chains.
  3. Set boundaries.
  4. Walk away from anyone or anything that doesn’t add value to your life.
  5. Gratitude journal daily.
  6. Learn to accept yourself through every season.
  7. Once you accept yourself, then it’s time to start loving yourself.
  8. Social media isn’t a standard to live by, so block out the noise.
  9. Dress according to your current size.
  10. Add colour to your wardrobe.
  11. Move that beautiful body daily.
  12. Be kind to yourself always.

Embrace Your Badassery

There’s a bit of badassery in every woman its just a matter of embracing it. Check out this blog post I shared in 2019 and find out how this Boudoir Photoshoot led me to loving my mom bod.

Here’s the thing. Every mom bod should be loved and honoured. After all, our bodies have done amazing work and our children are a constant reminder that a mom bod is a damn work of art. Now go on and love yourself flaws and all.

FLM Natasha


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