Love in the time of Corona – Nightmare or Opportunity

Love in the time of Corona. As we enter into the 3rd week of lock-down in South Africa, one has to stop and ask if Coronavirus has had an effect on love and relationships.

I started the year of having a lot to consider, debating if reconciling after divorce was a good decision or not. On 11 March 2020, I shared the news with the world that Cliff and I were reconciling. You can read more about that HERE. We always knew starting over would be a huge challenge that took an undeniable amount of commitment and dedication, but little did we know what was in store for us.

Relationships have always been complicated, but in the time of Corona we are chartering unprecedented waters. Today I’m not going to touch on the topic of singletons because that is an entire conversation for another day. Today our focus is on couples who live together. Being forced to stay indoors with our significant other could be our worst nightmare or an opportunity in disguise.

A double-edged sword

Coronavirus may be a double edged sword for long-term relationships and marriages. With couples being cooped up together for weeks on end, we can only hope we start communicating more and rediscover the magic that brought us together in the first place. The lack of daily demands and stresses that are normally brought into the home, are now limited resulting in more positives. More positives like more fun, romance, sex and heart-to-heart conversations. The trending memes about a baby boom in 9 times months could in fact be a reality.

On the flip side, some marriages and relationships that have been on the verge of ending may end due to being forced to keep each other company during the lock-down. Partners who had previously met like ships in the night as they juggled work and kids will now face each other in ways that they have not done in years, and they may decide that their relationship isn’t worth pursuing. In fact China reported that the divorce rate [in the district] has soared compared to before the coronavirus outbreak”.

love in corona
Guess we are loving lock-down a bit too much.

Things to do with your significant other while in lock-down

  • Create a chore schedule to avoid unnecessary bickering.
  • Take time to play (board-games, cards, etc).
  • Plan your post-corona getaway so that you have something exciting to look forward to.
  • Cook and/or bake together.
  • Date night is a must.
  • Schedule a weekly meeting (We meet every Tuesday without fail).
  • If you have kids, escape them and have some alone time in the garden or bedroom.
  • Arrange a couples massage session.
  • Meditate together.
  • Create a safe place (time away from each other even if only for a few minutes)

Love in the time of Corona is complicated and challenging. Amidst this crazy and unpredictable situation, there is always hope.

Stay home, stay safe

Much love, Natasha


  1. I’ve read all your posts now, leading up to this. The divorce, the reconciliation, and weathering the lockdown. Huge admiration to you both for putting your kids first. I’m glad I stumbled onto your blog. It’s wonderful to find in amongst all the noise and product promotions in the blogosphere, a blog that talks life, and humans, and relationships.

    1. Author

      Good morning Dave. Hope you are well. I really appreciate your feedback. We try our best to remember why we started the blog and if it impacts lives then we are doing what we set out to do. Have fab day and thanks for being part of the Fit Like Mummy community

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