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In this day and age when life is extremely fast paced and instant gratification is the norm, we often tend to forget to live a grateful life.
It really is easy to be ungrateful these days. It’s easy to want things that we don’t have. Consumerism is constantly reminding us of how little we have rather than how much we have to be grateful for.

My divorce 11 years ago, actually made me realise the importance of gratitude. I started a gratitude journal to help me cope. I learned a lot about the importance of having gratitude during that period in my life and still gratitude journal on a regular basis. In fact, I am even grateful for the bad because I believe that the down side of life has its place and purpose too.

If you find yourself in that situation right now, fear not, we’ve all been there. Yet, there are ways we can become grateful for the things we have in our lives. In fact, gratitude is quite possibly the most direct pathway to success. The problem? Most people hinge their happiness and gratitude on achievement rather than making it a platform for such.

A life of gratitude serves another purpose in my our lives. Ashton’s doctors have requested that he gratitude journal as soon as he gets up every morning. It’s about changing the mindset and not taking things for granted. In fact studies show that a life of gratitude is one of the most effective mental health recovery tools is practicing gratitude.  

What I’ve come to realize is that while some things might be out of our control, much of what happens based on our thoughts, emotions and behaviors, are largely a conditional response to our focus.

Find Your Inner Hero

I recently attended an event where I came across a gratitude journal called Find Your Inner Hero. I thought the journal was amazing and bought one immediately. In fact I love it so much and think it’s such an awesome tool that I need to get one each for my kids. The journal is a self-improvement tool. The idea is that if used consistently, it will help you change your mindset to create a life that you have always wanted.

Gratitude Journal from Mind Your Hero

The ‘Find Your Inner Hero’ Journal includes:

Non Dated Journal

451 pages

12 monthly challenges

A years’ worth of daily exercises

Non-Conventional goal setting techniques


And much more


I loved the idea of the Find Your Hero journal so much that I wanted to give one of my followers this amazing tool that will help you work towards living your best life. A tool that will show you how gratitude can truly change and transform your life.

All you have to do is follow Mind Your Hero on Instagram and Fit Like Mummy on Instagram and tag three friends on the Instagram post. Sign up to follow my blog Fit Like Mummy for an extra entry.  T & C’s can be found on the relevant Instagram post.

DISCLAIMER : While the prize is sponsored, my copy of the FIND YOUR INNER HERO was purchased by myself

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