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Kimberly-Clark Professional™ Partners with Guide Dog Association.

When we received a press drop from Kimberly-Clark Professional™ I’m not sure who was more excited, our little Nugget over hear or me. So this little one has more of an obsession with Baby Soft 2 ply toilet paper than I do. So much so that he’s constantly steeling the toilet paper from the bathrooms. In addition to that he loves the iconic puppy on the packaging and fell in love with the plush guide dog which I struggled to get back from him.

Kimberly-Clark Professional™ recently launched its new-look 2 ply Kleenex ® toilet tissue. Isn’t toilet paper, merely toilet paper I hear you ask. Well actually not, the latest developments incorporate a Soft Wave embosser technology, which boasts a softer feel and superior absorbency.

The recent launch also focused on the packaging which is indicative of their commitment to develop packaging design solutions that see Kimberly-Clark follow global trends towards a more environmentally friendly product.


p style=”text-align: center;”>Kimberly-Clark Professional™ has partnered with
the Guide Dog Association of South Africa to celebrate the launch of its new toilet paper.

Partnership with Guide Dog Assoc

Here’s a random fact for you. The iconic puppy on Kleenex toilet tissue was aimed at demonstrating softness and vulnerability. Mission accomplished if you ask me, as the product delivers on its promises and is the epitome of the characteristic possessed by its adorable mascot that is loved world-wide.

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