James Ali Bashir, the Man Behind the Legendary US Boxing Trainer

James Ali Bashir, legendary US boxing trainer, spans a 48 (soon to be 49) year career training boxers around the world. Rather humbling to sit down and chat about all things boxing. We also go to chat about life.

Raised by an extremely independent and strong mother, its no surprise that James Ali Bashir’s inspiring story highlights many successes. A specific event had Bashir questioning his choices and especially his career path. After much thought he made the decision to follow his heart and his passion and became an assistant trainer under Emanuel Steward for 17 years out of the famed Kronk Gym in Detroit, Michigan. Bashir served as assistant trainer to many fighters. After Steward’s passing in 2012, James Ali Bashir began working as a head coach. He emphasized that nothing came easy and his choice to pursue a career as a boxing trainer meant sacrificing absolutely “everything“. A tough choice, but one he doesn’t regret. Bashir reiterated that nothing great ever comes easy.

Words from a Wise Man

While Bashir had his lunch we casually chatted about life, it’s circumstances and how random events out of our control impact our lives. Bashir is a man who has experienced life in its entirety and as a result takes nothing for granted. His words were deep and really hit home. Our conversation was raw and real … and gave me lots to think about and in some strange way, our meeting has served a purpose greater than I could possibly imagine. James Ali Bashir was the voice of reason I so desperately need and I’m eternally grateful. At one point in our conversation, Bashir handed me his phone and asked me to watch the video below. Take a look and tell me that doesn’t put things into perspective.

Fighters Trained

It was incredible to chat to the man behind the success of world heavyweight champions like Wladimir Klitschko, Lennox Lewis, Welterweight champion Oleksandr Usyk, Monte Barrett, Maurice Harris and Eddie Chambers,

Battle of the Warriors

James Ali Bashir is currently training several of the boxers participating in the Battle of the Warriors taking place on 26 August 2018 at the Sun Arena in Pretoria. One of the boxers he is training is Ukranian born Heavyweight Vladyslav Sirenko. Vlad joined us during the interview and it was fantastic to watch the relation between boxer and trainer. Which very much resembled a relationship to that of a father and son, with carefree banter, jokes and an honest affection for each other.

Bashir was also training IBO World Middlewight Champion, Ivana Habazin who due to injury returned to Crotia to deal with her recovery at home.

James Ali Bashir is indeed a force to be reckoned with and you can see him in person, pushing his guys to the max at the Battle of the Warriors.

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