10 things to let go of in 2021

I’ve chosen my word for 2021 and it may just f*ck you off

If you are easily offended or strongly opposed to the use of profanity then I suggest that this is where you hit the ESC button, but do come back for future posts that will be more censored. I’ve chosen my word for 2021 and it may just f*ck you off so don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Choosing a word for the year

Choosing a word for the year has become a annual tradition and with good reason! I’m a firm believer that words have power and how we choose to use them can positively or negatively impact our lives. The key is choosing a word with deep meaning to remind us of what we want to be and ultimately what we want to accomplish.

I’ve chosen my word for 2021

So after careful consideration, I’ve chosen my word for 2021 and its F*CK. Yeah if you know me well enough, F*CK is indeed my all-time favourite F word. Probably considered one of the most vulgar words in the dictionary, but a word that is extremely expressive.

My word for the year

The word F*CK

Personally I find the word F*CK to also be extremely versatile and a sure way to get your message across.

While the word F*CK may have conjured up one thing on your brain (you filthy beast), my use of the word would be to encourage you to live a fearlessly authentic® life with absolute conviction.

2020 setbacks, will become 2021 comebacks

2020 was a year that was judgy AF (look I used the F word already) and fake AF. Before we continue AF means “As F*CK” and is a universal unit of measure. So back to what I was saying, 2020 saw people inflict an unnecessary amount of anxiety, hurt and sadness on other people’s lives.

In 2021 I will, and I encourage you to take no prisoners. In other words:-

  • F*CK the haters!
  • Wake the F*CK up and rid your life of toxic relationships.
  • F*CK what they think!
  • F*CK this shit!
  • Love your F*CKING life!
  • You are UnFuckable.
  • UnF*CK yourself and be who you were before all that stuff happened that dimmed your F*CKING shine.

Own your F*cking Power

Living a fearlessly authentic® life means being true to yourself and owning your power. Your word for the year whatever it is, should be an easy reminder to take whatever small steps you can to act decisively and with clarity while always being true to who you are. Remember that the less you give a damn, the happier you will be.

Ideas For Your Word for 2021

Here are a few less controversial ideas for words that can be powerful mantras for your 2021:-

  • authentic
  • fearless
  • calm
  • confident
  • grateful
  • strong
  • focus
  • clarity
  • mindful
  • motivated
  • forgive
  • explore
  • empowered
  • consistent
  • self-acceptance
  • self-care
  • breathe

My final bit of advice (Found on Pintrest)

A f*ck must be earned. You can’t go down the street with a bucket of f*cks, giving them out to everyone. If you feel that they’ve earned it, you can give a f*ck.

Until next time, stay fearless

FLM Natasha


  1. Love it!!!!!!! Most versatile and expressive word in the world!!!

    Here’s to 2021 the of us being unfuckwithable

    1. Author

      So u have a word

    1. Author

      I try 😜 Thanks for reading

  2. “You can’t go down the street with a bucket of f*cks, giving them out to everyone.” my fave part haha. This word is everything!

  3. Fucking love if this 🔥👌…😅

    1. Author

      🤣😘 Music to my ears

  4. Natasha you are my Spirit Animal. I need to allow myself more to be myself as you do every day! Thanks for this!

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