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A career in Aviation #ICAD2019

In 1996, the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed 7 December as International Civil Aviation Day. Worldwide, governments and relevant organisations were urged to observe ICAD annually. I strongly suggest you continue reading, if your child is interested in pursuing a career in Aviation #ICAD2019

The Joint Aviation Awareness Programme in South Africa collaborates to highlight and advance the benefits of International Civil Aviation (#ICAD2019). Focus is placed on educating and inspiring the youth to investigate and possibly pursue a career in Aviation.

On the 6th and 7th of December 2019, I had the absolute pleasure of being part of Team SACAA. We spent two days in Limpopo with learners as they get to visit the #ICAD2019 Career Expo . The expo was held at the Polokwane International Airport, Limpopo.

Here’s the A-Z of careers in Aviation:-

  • Aeronautical engineer
  • Aircraft assembler
  • Aircraft composite structures worker
  • Aircraft electroplater
  • Aircraft instrument mechanic
  • Aircraft maintenance engineers
  • Aircraft painter
  • Aircraft radiotrician
  • Aircraft structures worker
  • Aircraft trimmer
  • Aircraft welder
  • Airliner station manager
  • Airport planner
  • Airport customer relations agents
  • Air traffic controller
  • Aviation law
  • Aviation medicine
  • Aviation safety specialist
  • Aviation turner and machinist
  • Cabin crew / flight attendant
  • Co-pilot
  • Electromechanic
  • Electronics maintenance technician
  • Fitter and turner
  • Flight dispatcher
  • Flight engineer
  • Flight line mechanic
  • Ground handling and emergency services
  • Helicopter pilot
  • Load-master
  • Meteorologist
  • Navigator
  • Operations agent
  • Pilot
  • Radartrician
  • Reservations clerk
  • Ticket agent

My Career in Aviation

On the 14th of January 1998 I took a leap of faith and joined the South African Air Force. This industry has provided a unique career opportunity that makes me a South Africa woman with a rare skill set. I am a seasoned traveller who has visited more that 100 cities worldwide thanks to my career as an Aviator. To read about my 21 year career in Aviation click HERE.

After 21 years in aviation, this weekend I was afforded the opportunity to give back. To summarise we spent 2 days chatting, educating and inspiring teenagers from Limpopo. These teens have an obvious hunger to rise above their circumstances. A desire to be more and a need to excel no matter what. I had the best time engaging with them and hearing their stories left me in awe.

Minister of Transport’s Announcement

I have to admit that Minister of Transport, Fikile Mbalula was a definite highlight. Despite the cold and rainy weather, the Minister arrived in Polokwane in extremely spirits with his dancing shoes on, despite the cold and rainy weather.

Minister Mbalula’s speech was extremely relateable as he kept it real with the high school goers in attendance. The Minister hit home with the many challenges facing our teens, contrary to having us in stitches. Advice from a man who has been through the most, had the full attention of the teens who attended the Career Expo. The Minister of Transport announced plans of South Africa’s first ever Aviation Academy.

My greatest desire is to work with and inspire South African youth, and today I got to do exactly that. My weekend draws to a close with my heart full.

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