Imbizo Shisanyama Busy Corner

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Imbizo Shisanyama Busy Corner is an African cuisine restaurant based in the heart of Tembisa, Midrand.  It celebrates the authentic African culture, heritage and lifestyle. From humble beginnings in a shipping container, this restaurant chain has transformed into what it is today.


I was introduced to Busy Corner soon after my return to Gauteng in 2016. I’m an absolute foodie and am always keen on new experiences and delicious food. Three years on and this now happens to be one of my favourite restaurants. I must admit that I love the upmarket feel of the the newly opened Midrand Mall branch.  

It’s all in the name

Imbizo is taken from the isiZulu word biza, which means to call or summon or a gathering of people, and is usually a spectacular affair. Shisanyama is a colloquial word derived also from isiZulu meaning to braai or cook meat over an open flame. Essentially, at Imbizo Shisanyama it’s about family and friends getting together to braai meat on an open fire in traditional African style.

What’s on the menu

The menu comes down to braaied meat, pap, dumplings (african steamed bread), spinach and chakalaka. Oh my word, everything tastes amazing and I’ve never been disappointed. The meat is braaied to perfection. I always order liver which just happens to be something I don’t normally eat, but the braaied liver at Busy Corner is the absolute best and a must try. As for the dumplings, I really need to get the recipe for that light and fluffy steamed bread. There are other local dishes on the menu like chicken runners  (chicken feet) and hard body chicken, but everyone seems to stick to the basics for the most part.


You can select your meat from the butcher or alternatively just tell your waiter what you want and your “braai master” will braai your meat for you. There’s also the option to braai your own meat; take it home to braai or have them braai your meat for you to take-away. Busy Corner has truly thought about everything.

                                       The Ultimate Braai Experience

Beers and ciders are bought by the bucket. Those just keep coming as the day turns into night. Busy Corner also has an extensive list of wines and liquor.

The atmosphere is a true reflection of the South African culture. The music starts softly, slowly progressing into jazzy old school tunes that transport you back in time. As the night progresses the African rhythm takes control and the party truly gets started with people dancing wherever they can find space.

Side note

Kids are welcome but only until 6pm. They even have rides to keep the little ones entertained. My kids love the food and the meat feast is definitely suited for teenage boys.

Busy Corner with its great African identity, excellent service and absolutely amazing food can definitely be described as one of Jozi’s hidden gems. Step outside your comfort zone, get your favourite humans together and head on over to the Ultimate Braai Experience at either the Midrand or Tembisa branch.

Leave a comment below and let me know if you have been to Imbizo Shisanyama Busy Corner and what kind of experience you had.


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