health is the ultimate goal

Health is the ultimate goal – Fit Like Mummy

In January 2018 I commenced on a weightloss journey. I was chronically ill and my doctor said that my kids would grow up without a mother if I didn’t change my ways. Two years on, I’ve come to realise that health is the ultimate goal.

The weight loss journey

Apologies in advance for those of your who know the story but this recap is also for my new followers.

Directly after walking out of my doctors rooms, I headed to the gym and took out a gym membership for the boys and myself. It was an all or nothing approach and I stopped drinking and smoking that very day. I replaced simple carbs with complex carbs, and sugar became a thing of the past. The boys and I also exercised 6 days a week and I started walking. In fact I went from walking a 5km in more than 60 minutes to running it in 36 minutes.

Setbacks are part of the journey

Determined AF, I lost 15 kg in 3 months, but faced my first hurdle. An operation was in order as I had an ovarian cyst. This procedure unfortunately took me out of my training for 6 weeks. I started the process again but it really felt like I was starting from scratch. I however managed to get back on track and the weight loss continued.

Well, until I decided that I needed to learn to ride a bike at the age of 40. On my third lesson I was so over the moon that I was able to ride a bicycle that I forgot to put my feet down when breaking and fell. I sustained a double fracture, 3 sprains and a tear to my right foot which has plagued me for the past 2 years.

My injury affected me emotionally, mentally and physically. It wasn’t constantly living in pain that was the issue. Losing my independence rocked my world as I was so used to being incredibly self-sufficient. Specialists tried everything from a moon boot to a cast to putting me in a wheelchair. When nothing worked the Orthopedic Surgeon was forced to stop me from exercising.

It’s not about how many times you fall, but how many times you get back up

Over the past few weeks I have been extremely pleased that my foot was holding up with my exercise regime and early morning walk sessions. The drop in temperature over the past few days has however brought on the pain.

The pain however will not be holding me back this time around as I feel that I am mentally ready to tackle a body transformation. As lock-down level 3 comes into play the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. The next chapter in my Fit Like Mummy journey is on track to commence. Let’s just hope third times a charm.

Weight loss and self-love

Wanting to lose weight does not mean that I have no self-love and that I don’t accept my body. I’m a huge body positive advocate and for me self-love means that I love my body and myself enough that I am prepared to put in the hard work to ensure I remain healthy. I have to lose weight to ensure that my hypertension stays under control.

Steps for a Successful Body Transformation

  • Day 1 means photos
  • Set a goal
  • Know your starting point
  • Create your plan of action
  • Nail down your nutritional needs
  • Your workout must match your goal
  • Find a way to incorporate cardio/HIIT
  • Rest and recovery is a must
  • Build your support system
  • Pay attention to your feedback loop and make changes where necessary
  • Work on your mindset

One last thing before I head off. You can check out my mini daily vlogs on both Instagram and TikTok so how I am progressing. Feel free to help keep me accountable lovelies.

Stay safe

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