Our Girls Weekend Away

This past weekend I abandoned ship and went on a Girls Weekend Away. We didn’t venture too far and opted for a #shotleft just here in Centurion. The idea was to get away to have some fun and relax without breaking the bank. Little did we know how much we really needed this getaway. Research even suggests that taking a trip with your besties can actually improve your mental health and long-term happiness.

The Benefits of a Girls Weekend Away

  • Escaping your mundane daily routine.
  • Being able to experience complete relaxation and rejuvenation.
  • Perfect opportunity to vent, complain, laugh and/or cry.
  • You get to go to bed and wake up whenever you want.
  • You will realise how burnt out and tired you really are.
  • An opportunity to learn a new skill or two.
  • You will appreciate your loved ones and they you.

Our getaway started with a quick trip to the grocery store for supplies and then we grabbed a quick lunch. Upon arrival at our “home” for the weekend we quickly settled in then went on a leisurely walk. As we took in the beauty of the surroundings we engaged in light nonsensical banter. We had planned to braai on our first evening together and it was indeed the perfect plan. We huddled around the blazing fire, listening to the trickling sound of the river while sipping on G&T’s and ciders. That evening we proved that girls can rough it too. We made our own fire, braaied our own meat and learnt how to remove a bottle top without an opener. All in all it was a fab first evening.

A slow start on Saturday morning set the tone for the rest of the day. We had an amazing breakfast then went for another stroll. After lazing on the couches strategically placed in the pockets of sun rays, we prepared ourselves for our half day spa treatment. I mean seriously, what is a girls weekend away without a trip to the spa?!?!

In all honesty, most of us view a trip to the spa as a luxury but the truth is … time spent at a spa is what we all desperately need and deserve. There are immediate health benefits from going for spa treatments, like improved blood circulation which delivers oxygen and nutrients to the cells. Taking good care of your body and mind can help the ageing process. Spa treatments can also help relieve anxiety, stress and tension.

Three hours later and we left the spa rejuvenated and rested. Feeling absolutely lazy we soaked up the last bit of the afternoon sun while sipping on a good red wine. Another evening sitting around the fire ensued before calling it an early night.

After a fantastic nights rest we headed off for another scrumptious breakfast together before heading back to our families. It was a fabulous weekend and something I’d love to do on a more regular basis. It was indeed food for the soul and I’m definitely in a better place both emotionally, mentally and physically.

So my lovelies, I strongly suggest you invest in yourselves by gathering your besties, packing your bags, and getting away for your sanity’s sake.


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