The Fry Family Food Company launches new range

This post is a little overdue however it’s information I really want to share with you. September was Heart Awareness Month and The Fry Family Food Company launched a new plant-based sausage range and delicacies.

Artisanal plant-based sausage range

Nationwide roll-out of the brand-new range has already taken place. Just a heads up that not all stores have stock of the products, but Pick n Pay seems to be the one place I always find the range The Fry Family Food Company products are the only way I manage to get Sky to eat plant-based food. I put Fry’s to the test buy using my sons and nieces. They are super fussy eaters so this was the ideal test.Watch the video HERE to see their reactions.

Heart Awareness Month was celebrated in South Africa on the 29th of September as it was also World Heart Day. Rather significant because a massive 225 South Africans die of heart disease daily . Heart disease is also seen as the 2nd most common cause of death in South Africa. One in five South Africans dying of heart disease, despite research that shows that 80% of heart-related deaths are preventable .

But what has this all to do with artisanal sausages?

“One of the most powerful ways to lower your risk of heart disease is to change your lifestyle. It’s proven that plant-based eating is an effective way to improve heart health.

“Stats show that the risk of dying from heart disease is 24% lower in vegetarians than those who eat meat” says Tammy Fry, International MD of The Fry Family Food Co.

The brand new range of artisanal sausages launched in an effort to highlight this huge concern facing South Africans. There are two delicious products in the new range

  • Wood Smoked Breakfast Bangers (smoked to perfection and seasoned with Fry’s secret spice blend)
  • Artisan Mediterranean Sausages (seasoned with sweet rosemary, garlic and green olives).

We tried both and absolutely love the new range. Even Skylar (11) my little meat-eater was impressed and powered through a breakfast without any meat. The range is pretty versatile and is can be made in an airfryer. They came out pretty perfect, so I’m guessing you can do it on the braai too.

Yummy recipes for the new sausage range can be found on the The Fry Family Co. HERE.

Plant-based pizza

The Fry Family Company has thought about everything especially with the introduction of their new pizza range. I used my sons and nieces as my taste testers as you saw in the video above and they loved it.

I’d love to hear from you if you have tried Fry’s products and what you and your family think about so please leave a comment.


  1. We really enjoy the Asian spiced burgers and the boys enjoy the Pies. So delicious and yummy.

    1. Author

      we love the prawns and chicken burgers and nuggets

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