Fitness Found Me & Im Not Ready to Throw in the Towel

by | Aug 27, 2018 | Fitness hub | 3 comments

Fitness found me, but the decision to throw in the towel reared its ugly head at the beginning of last week. Refer to my Instagram post below for more details.

Truth is, I’ve fallen into a little bit of a depression due to the setback created by my injury. The not knowing has been killing me. Not being able to do certain things with my kids has been killing me. Not been able to workout properly has really gotten to me. It’s been a continental stuff up with my foot injury and … the timing could not have been worse. I’m human and I’ve been taking strain.

However in a recent interview with Get It Online we discussed my weight loss journey and somewhere during the interview, I had an aha moment.

When asked how my journey had taken me from one end of the scale to the other…. this was my response. “I honestly believe that fitness found me. It’s been a saving grace in so many respects and it’s something I am now extremely passionate about. Living to inspire was never on my initial agenda, but I’ve found this to be the best and most rewarding part of my journey”.


Fitness wasn’t the plan either. Losing weight was. I just wanted to lose the weight and improve my health. Little did I know that my journey would change to one of fitness and that I would become immensely passionate about fitness.

Fitness has brought an incredible amount of clarity and peace into my life. Its calms me and helps me focus. Fitness has guided me towards my life’s purpose. I’ve always wanted to help people achieve their full potential but U didnt know how. Inspiring people to dig deep and never give up is indeed rewarding and helps me stay on track. Fitness has transformed my life in the most incredible way, so how can I throw in the towel. In addition to that, I am supported by so many amazing people that throwing in the towel is not even an option.

“Okay so you are progressing and there is room to improve for further progress.. It’s not easy but you have to keep giving 100%.. If you do that you can’t be disappointed and you won’t be! I know its tough when you don’t see the results that you are expecting but those who end up achieving their goal are the ones who keep struggling and keep pushing! Trust us!” – Jason Dunning

After taking a week off from literally everything to deal with my mental game I can honestly say that I’m back and I ain’t going anywhere. I am ready for the final push and my mental game is on point. Simply put … I’m not throwing in the towel!


  1. You have seriously taken the words out of my mouth. Everything you said about fitness and how it found you, I share the same sentiments. With me it even went further and saved me…

  2. Recently I’ve started reading more about the mind , body , energy connection. How it’s all connected and how I can heal my body .
    What is my body telling me to do and why I have physical pain. Life is tough! I sometimes sabotage myself by looking at things incorrectly. Years of negative self talk rears it’s ugly head. I’ve done a lot of grounding work and I resort to meditation for clarity. I’ve used the mental image of healing light and energy to remove the halo of pain when I have a migraine. I know that we all falter in our journey! It makes us want that goal so much. Maybe your body is telling you to slow down, enjoy this journey. Don’t place an end date as your journey is not over.

    • Hi there. Thanks for the comment Theres no end dates to my journey. Theres a short term goal with a target date


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