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As the Self-proclaimed Queen of Meal Prep, I have been performing cooking demos over the past 2 years on a Sunday afternoon, live on my Fit Like Mummy Instagram account.

Last year I shared with my followers that my vision was to perform meal prep cooking demos and lessons on a regular basis, and this year that became a reality.

This however was not my first rodeo, as I performed a cooking demo at FIBO Global Fitness Africa in October last year as the Face and Body of the international fitness expo. I loved every minute of it and I reinforced the ideas floating around in my head. Meal prep demos bring my love for cooking and my love for people together, so what more can I ask for.

The Meal Prep demo was held at the Hirsch’s Homestore in Fourways. I had the absolute pleasure of teaming up with McCain South Africa and Snappy Chef.  It was my first time cooking with Snappy Chef’s uber elegant induction plate. This cheaper, faster and safer way of cooking is rather impressive as it saves 50% on electricity and cooks 64% faster. It was also interesting to learn that the induction plate can be used as is or fitted into a counter top. The lovely people at Snappy Chef sponsored a fabulous prize and the lovely Storm Strang walked away with a Snappy Chef Induction plate of her very own. We had several other winners who also walked away with fabulous prizes.

snappy chef winner

McCain has always been my vegetable brand of choice, so I was over the moon that I could work with a brand that I truly love and who’s products I use daily. The products I used on the day also happen to be my staples for my weekly meal preps. On the day I cooked 5 of my favourite meals. Despite some technical difficulties on the day I still managed to cook all those dishes in a hour, once again proving that a meal prep doesn’t have to take long and that it can save you both money and time.

McCain South African

Everyone who attended the event received copies of the recipes, but sharing is caring so here you go lovelies. You get them too.

mccain peas
Recipe no 2
mccain broccoli
Recipe no 3
steamed veg
mccain stirfry

While I kept the adults busy with my meal prep demo, Defy and The Kids Gym kept the kids occupied. They kids got to experience a taster of what they can expect when visiting the newly opened The Kids Gym and also got to decorate super delicious cupcakes. They really had loads of fun.

kids entertainment
Cupcake decorating with Defy
Kids gym
Fun with The Kids Gym

I had an absolute blast hosting this event and you can definitely expect more events in the near future. Follow my Instagram and Facebook pages for more details

All the photos from the event can be found on Facebook

Happy cooking lovelies


  1. I enjoyed the tips on the healthy cooking and loved that you used an airfryer. It seems like meal prepping doesn’t have to be a drag (time consuming) when you’re using things like McCains veggies. Thank you for the morning.

    • Thanks a million for the feedback Hope you are joking us this Saturday for a snack attack

  2. So you’ve shown me a few cool tips for meal prepping. Time is money for everyone and I really can’t afford to waste my time. Thankfully, I trust McCain veg for family. Always guaranteed yummy and good for you. Must add that it is the best tasting frozen veg ever! My local supermarket now calls me when the Sweet potato fries are in stock 😉 well done on meal prepping like a BOSS ❤

    • Thanks for the feedback. You love affair with Sweet Potato fries is inspiring 😅

  3. Ab Fab! Made me go out and buy some McCains!

    • Which was your fav recipe Zia

  4. What an awesome morning! Definitely taught me a few tips on saving time while preparing healthy meals. While the demo itself was impressive, I was impressed even more so by Natasha aka @fitlikemummys resilience, patience and overall attitude on the day. With the unexpected cuts in electricity, loss of time etc. it all mimicked our day to day experiences when we get caught up and face obstacles. Natasha proved that despite the circumstances and time pressure you can get things done, with the right equipment, ingredients and attitude! Bravo! And the food was delicious, so thanks for the recipes!

  5. Definitely enjoyed this event, I loved the facted that the meals are easy to prepare and that it saves time preparing them in advance.

    Thanks for the information session and yummy food that we got taste, I never thought of sweet potato chips as something that would taste nice but definitely love the Mc Cain sweet potato chips that were served.

    • Only a pleasure. Appreciate your being there

  6. I loved the demo!

    First of all, you’re an excellent presenter/host.

    Secondly, tasting the recipes that are so quick and delicious has convinced me to switch to frozen veggies. I’m not a fan of sweet potato but those sweet potato fries! I now look out for specific products and so far the McCain stir fry veggies, B-well garlic infused canola oil is in my freezer/pantry and has already been incorporated into my daily cooking.

    Now, to convince my husband and kids to get me the Philips Air Fryer…

    • Thanks for the wonderful feedback and for attending the event. You support is greatly appreciated

  7. What a fabulous day. I will definitely be attending more of the deliciousness and entertainment and everything in future.
    Thank you it really is worth attending.


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