Hello, my name is Natasha Kisten aka Fit Like Mummy

Natasha Kisten aka Fit Like Mummy

42 year old mum to Ashton , Skylar and fur baby Nugget. I am the woman behind the blog, “Fit Like Mummy”.

I am a proudly curvy, potty-mouthed and tattooed mum. An Aviator by day and blogger by night. A qualified Aircraft Instrument Mechanic and Aircraft Accident and Incident Investigator.  I’m also a qualified Airworthiness Inspector and continue to work in this capacity ensuring compliance, quality and safety in the Aviation industry.

I’m a fit mum and foodie with a zest for life none to other. I love cooking and it’s my way of expressing my love for the people in my life. I am the self-proclaimed Queen of Meal Prep.

The Game-changer

If you already know me then you will know that I don’t hold any punches.  I am hellbent on breaking the stereotypes facing women on a daily basis. In fact I have broken the mould as I also happen to be a Fitness Influencer. Fitness isn’t about the size your wear or the number on the scale. It about living a healthy balanced life.

  I am all about wanderlust so expect to find me adventuring and exploring every opportunity I get. Even if I say it myself, I am a woman who encapsulates a life well lived as a bodacious, bad-ass mum who tackles life one day at a time with her kids.

As I child I faced years of abuse and loss. I was robbed of my voice and forced to live a life of secrets. Now, in my 40’s I’ve found my voice and I will use my voice for all those who are unable to speak up for themselves and myself. I will no longer be silenced.

My Life’s Purpose

Living to inspire has become my life’s purpose, so much so that what started out as a personal blog has transformed into a community that supports women and children.

My boys are my life, my everything, my motivation and the reason I do what I do. Together we are Fearlessly Authentic.