Fit Like Mummy Loves Her Tiger Stripes

Stretch marks result for various reasons affecting men, women and children as a result their reputation for being unattractive persists. I am all too happy to scream from the rooftops that, “Fit Like Mummy loves her tiger stripes”.

A Whole New Me

At the peak of my weigh issues in December 2016, I in fact hated my body. A very self-conscious me had always been worrying what others thought. The work I’ve invested in myself has paid off after three years of working on my mind and heart. I love every inch of who I am … MIND, BODY and SOUL.


Your body is not ruined.  You are a goddamn tiger who earned her stripes.

I Hated My Stretch Marks

I developed stretch marks at a very early age due to the constant fluctuations in my weight.  Embarrassed by them, I absolutely hated my stretch marks. I never wore shorts or hit the beach without wearing a sarong or cover-up of sorts. Anything sleeveless was a no go as the stretch marks on my arms are super bold and deep.

stretchmarks arms
Fit Like Mummy Loves Her Tiger Stripes

My First Boudior Photo Shoot

In 2014 I had plucked up the courage to do a boudoir photo shoot as a gift for my then soon-to-be husband and that is where I fell in love with my TIGER STRIPES. Those unedited photos made me feel beautiful and strong. I suspect that the pure magic of the uber talented Julia Janse Van Vuuren played a massive part in me learning to love my body. Assuming she had edited the photos, I remember jokingly saying to her, “You made me look hot!!” to which she replied, “Nope, that’s all you!”. It was music to my ears, heart and soul I tell you. I figure that we are so busy being exceptionally critical of ourselves, that we don’t take the time to realise how remarkably beautiful we are.

Looking hot AF in my boudoir photo shoot

When you love your pics taken by Julia so much, that you end up having a book created

I went from being the girl who hated her imperfections, to the woman who absolutely loves her tiger stripes and wears them with pride. For me tiger stripes are a sign of a life lived, a sign of experience, courage and reminders of beautiful moments in my life. They are the most sentimental scars I have, as they are a constant reminder of the two beautiful and precious souls I’ve brought into this world. Tiger stripes are like dope lightning tattoos that give our bodies character and its own uniqueness.

Self-acceptance and Self-love

The journey of self-acceptance and self-love is no laughing matter.  This journey plays a pivotal role in your mental well-being.  It  involves self-understanding as well as a realistic awareness of one’s strengths and weaknesses.  The journey of self-acceptance and self-love is a rite of passage that helps a woman evolve enough to own her power.

My advice to you is to not allow yourself to be emotionally drained by something that is so natural! Embrace your body, every inch of it ….. tiger stripes, and all. After all they do make you a fearlessly authentic powerhouse. This summer I encourage you to own your power by flaunting your gorgeous body.  

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