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Fit Like Mummy cooks up a gluten-free storm with BIO XXI

I, Fit Like Mummy recently attended a launch event where I cooked up a gluten-free storm with BIO XXI. BIO XXI is an organic, gluten-free range of Quinoa based food products, created by Coronilla in Bolivia’s Andes, now available in South Africa.

we came for the food
We came for the food

The event which was held at the Good Food Studio saw some of South Africa’s foodies come together to cook to their heart’s content. We cooked and experimented with BIO XXI’s extensive South African range.

Bio XXI is a Bolivian family-run company that’s internationally renowned for its exceptional eco-social business model and Quinoa-based, gluten-free foods. All produced via rigorous standards from Andean grains. 

bio xxi team
The BIO XXI Team visiting South Africa for the official launch

Everyone got to cook a dish or two that included a BIO XXI product. It was extremely easy to cook with the products at hand. We were all especially impressed with the bread baked by Chef Francesco Delfino. It was extremely quick and easy to make, with no kneading necessary. Best of all, it was delicious.

BIO XXI Bread is the bomb

Who’s eating gluten-free now?

There’s been a huge movement towards gluten-free living from the health-conscious, fitness fans, those allergic to gluten, those with celiacs disease, the eco-conscious and vegans.

Why Bio XXI ?

Bio XXI offers a variety of products: From pasta, bread, cookies, risotto, nuggets and pancake mix to breakfast cereals and snacks. With minimal prep, this equals easier catering for meals, snack-times and fussy lunch-box eaters. At the launch event we were fortunate enough to taste BIO XXI in all its forms. I absolutely love BIO XXI and have also cooked several of the products at home. BIO XXI is a food win with my family. The bread, fettuccini, chocolate brownies and Quintos are our favs. I’d recommend you give it a try and let us know what you think about BIO XXI


  1. Bodybuilder food, will definitely give the products a try.

    1. Author

      Ann you are going going to love it

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