FIBO Global Fitness Africa is Back and I Need Your Input

Last Thursday we attended the launch event for FIBO Global Fitness Africa at BOUNCE South Africa in Fourways. The world’s biggest fitness trade show made its appearance in Africa for the first time last October. After a successful 2018 show, FIBO returns to the Ticketpro Dome in Johannesburg from 25 to 27 October 2019.

SA fitness community turns out in numbers for the launch event

The launch event was really great and presented the opportunity to catch up with my FIBO Fit Family. Healthy snacks and drinks set the tone of what to expect now that FIBO preparations are in full force. FIBO Global Fitness Africa is about real people and real stories. It’s also about fit families and that’s why I took the boys along to the launch event.

FIBO hard hats symbolising “bodies under construction”

After a presentation by Megan Oberholtzer and Martin Hiller, it was time to take things to the trampolines. As BOUNCE South Africa’s Brand Ambassadors the boys and I were excited to take to our daily playground. While Sky tackled the obstacle courses, Ash and I took on the BOUNCE Fit Class with Slim.

Ashton in full flight during the BOUNCE Fit class

Last year’s festival featured 100 exhibitors at the Dome. Which set the stage for fitness enthusiasts and professionals. Fitsters were treated to

  • 61 free fitness classes were hosted
  • 22 speakers shared first-hand experience in health, wellness and fitness
  • 20 delicious food demonstrations
  • 17 leisurewear fashions brands were showcased.

Expect Bigger and Better for 2019

MiFitness Games which was extremely popular will be making its return in 2019. Expect Fit Zones including FitMOVE, FitFOOD and FitWEAR. New and exciting Zones to cater for the interests of individuals passionate about leading that fit life. The Dis-Chem Village offering the best in healthy living supplements and nutrition will be back.

The Dream Team

This year, FIBO is delighted to announce the introduction of The Dream Team. FIBO Africa will gain be following the fitness journeys of ordinary South Africans. These will include The Bros, The Ladies, The New Mom, The Traveller and The Couple. The dream team will have personal trainers, nutritionists and life coaches to assist them to reach their fitness goals

I Need Your Input

In 2018 I was the Face & Body of FIBO Global Fitness Africa. I took on a body transformation and smashed it despite my injury. I went on to drop a 11kg leading up to the show, but I didn’t reach my ultimate goal.

Body Transformation Reveal

Your feedback

  • Would like me to participate in FIBO again in 2019?
  • Should I perform a Meal Prep demo
  • Should I perform a healthy snack demo
  • Or should I take on that Body Transformation and smash it

Your feedback will be greatly appreciated. Let me know what else you would love to see at FIBO this year.

FIBO Global Fitness Africa, presented by Dis-Chem Pharmacies is not just a festival for the fit-xperienced. It is the perfect platform for aspirational consumers interested in having a healthier lifestyle.  Motivation and Fitspiration is guaranteed to be around every corner at FIBO Global Fitness Africa. FIBO is here to help you find your Fit in Fitness – what works for you, and your love for fitness.

Ticket Information:

Tickets to FIBO Global Fitness Africa, presented by Dis-Chem Pharmacies 2019 can be purchased at

PRE-SALE Ticket Prices

Day Pass:                  R120.00 per person

Weekend Pass:        R200.00 per person

DOOR-SALE Ticket Prices:

Day Pass:                  R150.00 per person

Weekend Pass:        R250.00 per person


  1. Yes indeed you should take part you are so good at achieving your goals.
    Healthy snack demo
    Body transformation
    You can do this

    1. Author

      Thanks for believing in me. appreciate your input and you taking the time to read my post

  2. take on that Body Transformation and smash it

    1. Author

      And #transformations are such an intense thing. DId attend FIBO last year

  3. I think you should do everything because if there’s anyone who can do it, it’s YOU! You need to bottle your energy and sell it because we could all do with a daily shot of that magic.

    If I had to choose an activity, I would say go for the transformation. If you’re anything like me (and I think we are in this respect) I need a very specific, challenging goal to push out of the comfort zone to make it a reality. You did it before and you’ll do it again x10 to make a bigger impact. And if you have 5 minutes, you could smash out a cooking demo 😉

    1. Author

      Haha 5 minutes fir that cooking demo Now that’s a challenge. Appreciate your feedback. Also let us know of anything else you would like to see at FIBO this year

  4. You’re such an inspiration. I think smash the body transformation and created some healthy snacks too 😉 looking forward to seeing you up front!

    1. Author

      Definitely time to step outside my comfort zone. Really appreciate the feedback

  5. Yes, please can you participate in FIBO. Would love to see more of your demo’s, they are truly awesome. Use your tips for my family meals and they love it.

    Definitely think you should smash that Body Transformation. Know you will be great.

    I’m such a fan. Thanks for always inspiring us. You ROCK

    1. Author

      Ahhh how awesome are you. Really appreciate your feedback Do you attend Fitness event normally

  6. Perform a healthy snack demo and smash that body transformation.. I’ll help by finishing all your burfi.

    1. Author

      omw the burfi comment is everything. Will practice making it in the mean time Thanks for the feedback. Also did u attend FIBO last year

  7. Amazing. Please get back in again!

    1. Author

      back and on a mission

  8. A body transformation will be awesome. Keep up being an inspiration FLM.

  9. Can’t you do them all😉, I mean your health and fitness versatility is inspirational so just smash that body transformation & also show us how to get there with a boss meal prep demo

    1. Author

      Appreciate the belief in me. Thank u for following my journey and always being so supportive

  10. Body transformation ALL THE WAY.

    (If I have to pick one option that is, otherwise I would choose them all.)

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