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Exciting Lunch Ideas for Adults and Kids

Beginning of another year can only mean back to the daily grind of work and school (well for most of us). Thinking of what to make for lunch on a daily basis can be such a pain in the butt. Between the daily hustle and bustle, picky-eaters and the ever increasing cost of food, parents need to be creative. With lunch prep in the bag, parents can expect a smoother run in the morning when all hell is breaking loose. Here are some exciting lunch ideas for adults and kids that have been tried and tested by my sons Ashton and Skylar.

back to school

I’ve tried my best to keep it simple but my sons are like day and night, especially when it comes to their eating habits. My little one is indeed a picky eater and would rather starve himself before eating tomatoes, olives or cheese for examples. My eldest on the other hand is an absolute pleasure to make lunches for. He eats absolutely anything. All this means is that I pack different lunch boxes for each child which is extra work, but healthy food is important for fueling the body and brain, protecting our muscles and feeding the bacteria in the gut.

Ideas for a balanced lunchbox courtesy of Montagu Snacks

Tips for packing exciting lunch boxes

  • Consider peanut or other food restrictions that the school might have in place.
  • Meal prep food that keeps well in fridge on a weekly basis. This will save time and money. Click HERE for my tips on how to meal prep like a boss
  • Adjust the portion sizes based on whether the lunch is for an adult or child.
  • Variety is the spice of life so change things up on a weekly basis.
  • Get the kids involved with lunch preparations.
  • Use good quality airtight lunch boxes and ensure to keep food safety in mind. Lunches boxes that are leak-proof are great for kids.
Peri-peri liver mini pitas, salad, strawberries and berries

Benefits of Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds are very nutritious as they have a high proportion of monounsaturated fats. These healthful types of fat are essential for cell growth and protecting organs.

Nuts are also high in protein and contain a range of other nutrients, including:

  • fiber
  • vitamins E and K
  • folate
  • thiamine
  • minerals
  • carotenoids
  • antioxidants
  • phytosterols

Healthiest types of nut are unsalted almonds, pistachios, and walnuts. Nuts and seeds are really easy to include into a healthy diet. Use it as a topping on salads and vegetables or as a snack between meals.

Spinach, boiled eggs, chicken cold-meat, multigrain crackers, cheese, macadamia nuts and grapes.
Beef koftas, baby spinach, cherry tomatoes, mini pitas, tzatziki, dried mango, brazil nuts and banana.

Benefits of Fruit

Fruit is a good source of vitamins and minerals, and play a vital role in preventing vitamin C and vitamin A deficiencies. People who eat fruit as part of an overall healthy diet generally have a reduced risk of chronic diseases.

Fruit are important sources of many nutrients, including

  • potassium
  • fiber
  • vitamin C
  • folate

Try incorporating blueberries, citrus fruit, cranberries or strawberries as they contain phytochemicals that are known for added health benefits.

mexican bowl
Mexican bowl, dried cranberries, almonds, cheese and blueberries

Salads or cooked meals are better for adults. My kids in particular prefer quick and easy lunches or lets rather call it their Fit Like Mummy snack box.

Butternut balls, garlic mayo sauce, salad, pistachios and grape fruit.

We do meat-free Monday weekly and this would be a go to meal for us. Even the mayo is vegan friendly.

Hope these lunch ideas have make life a little easier. Wishing you and the kids a fearlessly authentic 2020. Now go smash those goals. Make sure to let us know about your lunch hacks and tips that make life a little easier.

DISCLAIMER : I am a Montagu Snack brand ambassador and all nuts, seeds and dried fruit are sponsored by Montagu Snacks.


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