Every Month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month with The BraGuru

Those of you that follow me will know that Taryn Palacios from The Bra Guru has a very special place in my heart. Pretty much because she is a whole lot of special. Her business is more than just a business. Taryn is all about empowering women to feel confident and comfortable in their skin.

Wearing the correct bra and bra size can do wonders for a woman.  Aside from ensuring that you have total support and comfort, imagine a life without irritations and that dreaded chafing. Boosted confidence will mean that you look and feel sexy, appealing and attractive. Any outfit worn over a correctly fitted bra will look incredible and flattering. So I strongly suggest that you make that appointment at The Bra Guru to get that professional bra fitting done sooner rather than later. You can thank me later!


Taryn has taken on a new initiative at The Bra Guru this year and hosted her first Annual Pink Party in October. She has teamed up with The M Store and Kindness Like Confetti for an absolutely incredible cause that you can also get involved in.  Below, Taryn shares more about this incredibly important initiative.

1. Tell me more about the initiative you are spearheading and why it means so much to you?

Being in the bra business we are exposed to breast cancer and the many brave survivors on a weekly basis, it is the reason we decided to introduce our post-operative range. To ensure that your breast prosthesis and/or remaining breast are supported correctly we have a range of bra’s specifically designed for women with mastectomy’s. We are passionate about women having a healthy relationship with their breasts and providing a supportive and helpful service that can make their recovery that much easier. Every month is breast cancer awareness month with us but we are so happy to host our annual pink party to bring attention to how we can help and for women to stay up to date with the latest developments.

2. Collection of old bras (how long will Bra Guru be a drop off point?)

You, dear reader can get involved and help by donating your old bras which will be donated to ladies in need. The Bra Guru will be a collection point all year round and ladies are welcome to come in and drop them off anytime. Let’s put those old bras to good use and positively impact lives together. Your donation of an old bra will also get you a 10% discount.

3. Does the 10% discount apply for the duration of the campaign?

We offer the 10% off for your bra donation, this is usually an October campaign, but I am very happy to extend it to all Fit Like Mummy followers. If they donate a bra they get 10% off by telling us they heard of us from the “Fit Like Mummy blog

4. How is Chene Kerswill & The M Store involved?

The M Store provides post mastectomy bra’s and breast prostheses to reinstate confidence, femininity & comfort to women who have had a mastectomy. Chene Kerswill studied Medical Orthotics and Prosthetics at Tshwane University of Technology and works at Deist & Associates Prosthetic Centre as well as running The M Store.

The M Store will measure and supply your Lymphedema garments as our Qualified Lymphedema specialists have extensive training pertaining to edema in breast cancer patients. Our practitioners will measure your extremity, prescribe and supply the relevant compression sleeve. Al l items are covered by your medical aid. The M Store also provides expert advice & bra fitting services by a certified post mastectomy bra & breast form fitter. This will ensure that you are fitted with the correct bra & breast prostheses!

5. Alyson Samson – Kindness like Confetti

Kindness Like Confetti (KLC) is a registered non-profit organization based in Linden, Johannesburg. KLC runs the Project Uplift where they collect new as well as gently used bras for women who can’t afford their own. In addition to this they run three other projects, as well as running monthly projects in the spirit of kindness which target different community needs. Please join Team KLC and help them change the world! Get in touch with Alyson Samson on 0726751536.

Get involved this festive season by donating your old and unwanted bras to an exceptional cause. It’s as simple and easy as Christmas pie.

Happy Holidays Lovelies


  1. Well done bra Gura and team!

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      Don’t forget to donate your new bras when u pop in 😘

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