Self-care at Your Fingertips Thanks to the DYME App

The DYME App is an app that facilitates beauty on demand.  It really is convenience at your fingertips.  The ever increasing demands placed on our lives sees us constantly sacrificing self-care due to a lack of time, but not anymore.  Thanks to the DYME App, convenience is the new beauty of life.

The DYME App was created with the intention to transform the beauty industry in South Africa using the online world, providing new convenience to beauty professionals as well as people like you and me.  DYME launched its BETA version of the mobile application in April 2018 after months of testing.

I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to put the DYME App through its paces.  Last week I downloaded the app and made my very first appointment.  After months of injury time and my body having taken a serious beating, I opted for a 90 minute Sport Massage.  Within in a few short minutes of making my booking, I received confirmation that my appointment had been accepted.

The Booking Process

The App is rather user friendly and even has a “Chat with DYME” feature to help answer your questions and assist you who the occasion arise.  The DYME App Admin had sent me a message to confirm if I was okay with the fact that the artist I had selected was male.  For some reason I didn’t get the notification on the app, but was super impressed that the Admin went further by calling me to discuss the matter.  I had no issue with the artist being male so all was in order and I was counting sleeps until my experience.

Beauty on Demand

So the day finally arrived and I had made a booking for 6pm on a Thursday evening.  It was the only available time I had, so I was extremely grateful that the opportunity exists for me to get this kind of service in my time as my convenience (else it would never happen). 

SMS notifications advised that my artist was on his way and I was also advised of his timeous arrival.  It provided piece of mind seeing that you may have someone completely new coming to your home. 

The artist arrived and set up the portable massage table in my home.  The sports massage was amazing and provided some much needed relief for my body.  Watch the video on my Instagram account to see what went down and why you should definitely be giving DYME App a try.

Sports massage
90 Minute Sport Massage

It was 90 minutes well spent and I love the fact that I didn’t need to factor in driving time and child-minders for example.  No mom-guilt either and the fact that I was able to hop directly into bed after my session was done and dusted, made the experience an absolute win in my eyes. 

DYME gets a two thumbs up from me

I highly recommend making use of this service. The App lists services from hair to nails to massages and everything in between. The solution we have all been waiting for , BEAUTY ON DEMAND at your convenience.

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