Denny & Fit Like Mummy team up to #AddGoodness 1

Denny & Fit Like Mummy #AddGoodness with #WinterComforts

Is it just me or is this winter bitterly cold? While we sit in the comfort of our homes with a warm meal during this global pandemic, we can’t help but spare a thought for those who go without. Sparing a thought however isn’t enough for us and that is why we’re super excited to announce that team Fit Like Mummy has joined Proudly South African mushroom brand Denny. Denny & Fit Like Mummy team up to #AddGoodness with #WinterComforts, plus some mushroom recipe ideas not to be missed.

#AddGoodness with Denny

Aligned with the Denny’s efforts to #addgoodness across a variety of environments, the #wintercomforts campaign is adding goodness through a range of activities. Since the beginning of lock-down, Denny has donated tonnes of mushrooms to shelters and old age homes across the country and continues to do so. A knitting initiative, which sees many Denny staff members picking up their knitting needles, will provide blankets to shelters.They are also partnering and volunteering at soup kitchens, such as Ladles of Love in the Western Cape, helping to hand out mushroom soup to those in need. I’m not sure if you remember, but I recently teamed up with Denny to help support local businesses.

denny #addgoodness
Denny & Fit Like Mummy team up to #AddGoodness

Denny & Fit Like Mummy team up to #AddGoodness

Lovelies, I need your help please. Help me #addgoodness with #wintercomforts for those in need this winter. All you have to do is

  • Make a donation (from as little as R10, but more is definitely welcome).
  • Use this link over here to make your donation.
  • For each donation you make, I will donate a further *R10 in my personal capacity.
  • Screen shot your donation and share it on social media tagging Denny and Fit Like Mummy on Facebook and Instagram so I can keep track and pay over the money at the end of the month.

Consumers who heed the call to support Denny in its drive to #addgoodness stand a chance of being rewarded with a limited edition, bespoke onesie or Denny mushroom hampers.

All money raised will go to Food Forward SA. Food Forward SA supports over 1000 beneficiary organisations (BO’s). Reaching close to 500 000 vulnerable people directly (and an estimated 1,5 million people indirectly) with food parcels to households. Denny’s parent company Libstar is also a food partner to the charity.

Living the brand purpose

Brand Manager of Denny Mushrooms, Samantha McChesney said, “Add goodness to every meal is Denny’s brand purpose. It speaks directly to how we bring goodness to everything we do as a company. It’s about the nutritional value of the products, the love and care that is put into each meal that the consumer prepares and our responsibility to community and planet.”

#AddGoodness to every plate with Fit Like Mummy

Denny has an incredible range of mushrooms, only making my cooking shenanigans an absolute pleasure. This past weekend I cooked up a mushroom storm. If you love mushrooms as much as I do, I strongly recommend you check out the below recipes that are guaranteed to #addgoodness to every plate, ensuring #wintercomforts you won’t regret.

I took adding goodness to every plate to another level. How’s this for #wintercomforts?

Mushroom Recipe Ideas

  • Blend it – Blend mushrooms with your favourite meat recipes such as tacos, burgers, casseroles, etc. Since the chopped mushrooms match the texture and colour of meat, this is a great way to get your kids to eat veg without even knowing it.
  • Meal prep it – Cook up your favourite mushrooms and store in freezer safe bags or containers. This will save time and money leaving you with options when you have a busy week or need to bulk up meals when unexpected visitors arrive.
  • Save it –  Buy in bulk and freeze mushrooms raw, or prepare them for freezing by first steam blanching or sauteing them to help preserve qualities like nutrition, flavour and texture.
  • Snack it – Looking for a healthy snack without the guilt? Try tucking into some delicious mushroom chips or mushroom biltong. Yes, this is an actual thing and I am obsessed.

Denny snack range

denny snacks
Get your snack on with Denny’s latest snack range. I’m obsessed.
  • Sandwich it – Cut slices of your favourite sandwich instead of meat for a healthy, inexpensive swap.
  • Bag the Burger – Have a burger craving? Try swapping your burger for a grilled Portobello on a bun with your favourite condiments. Alternatively, if you are anti-carbs then replace burger buns with massive mushrooms instead.
  • Steam in the Microwave – Microwaved mushrooms can freshen up lunchtime meals enjoyed at work or home. Heat and add to a hot sandwich, chilli, soup or packaged meal to increase the nutritional value.
  • Roast it – Roasting mushrooms is perfect for multitasking cooks like myself. Brush mushrooms with olive oil, add a touch of garlic and season with salt and pepper. Bake in the oven on 180°C for 20 minutes.
  • Grill it – Lightly brush caps and stems with olive oil and season as desired. Grill as is or top with your favourite garnish. 
  • Braai it – Season on the stem side, drizzle a little olive oil over the gills. Spread a generous tablespoonful of Basil Pesto. Place the mushrooms, stem side up, on the braai and cook slowly until done. Don’t turn them or you will lose all the tasty juices that collect in the gills.
  • Sauté it – Lightly sauté mushrooms in olive oil. Cook until both sides turn the same color, remove from heat and add to any dish.
  • Skewer it – Soak wooden skewers in water first for 20 minutes then skewer white and brown button mushrooms. Brush with a mixture of butter, soy sauce, garlic, salt and pepper. Bake on 180°C for 20 minutes.
  • Salad it – Mushrooms in a salad, be it cooked or raw make for a great accompaniment to any main dish.
  • Curry it – Mushrooms make for amazing addition to meat or vegetarian curries.

Fit Like Mummy cooks up an #AddGoodness storm

There’s definitely 101 ways to cook up a storm with mushrooms. I sincerely hope that these images from my weekends cooking shenanigans inspire you to get creative with mushrooms. I strongly believe that the humble mushroom is the most versatile vegetable mother earth has given us. Now, feast your eyes on this!

This campaign is in partnership with a leading South African feel good media title, Good Things Guy, four other highly influential, warm and fuzzy bloggers as well as myself, Fit Like Mummy. Please join Crazy Rio, Just Ella Bella, Modern Zulu Mom, Becoming You and me as we aim to #addgoodness armed with our awesome onesies and mushroom inspo.

This winter, more than ever adding goodness to every meal has never been more pertinent. With just over a week to go, I strongly urge you to help us reach our goal of R 50 000 by clicking HERE to donate now. Thank you in advance for your donations, support and helping us #addgoodness.

Much love

Natasha aka Fit Like Mummy

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