Cricut Maker Tools – Adaptive System & the right tool for the right job

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Cricut Maker Tools provide endless possibilities thanks to the Adaptive System. The Adaptive Tool System is what makes the Cricut Maker the grand daddy of the Cricut Family of Machines. The Adaptive Tool System is the reason that the Cricut Maker has extra tools that none of the “Explore” machines can use. The Cricut Adaptive Tool System allows you to swap out blades and tips without having to change the housing. This is all thanks to the QuickSwap Housing System. So as long as you have one tool with the housing, you can just buy the other blades and tips. True cutting-edge innovation at your fingertips.

Getting to know my Cricut Maker has been like the gift that keeps on giving. Honestly, I knew it was pretty amazing but I didn’t understand to what extent. A very extra and super excited me bought a range of tools (including an engraving tip and extra mats) for my Maker, only to have my laptop’s hard drive die. Yes, I know I can use my phone to access Design Space, but I’m the kinda girl who is super specific about how she do things. Anyways, counting the days until I have my laptop back so I can get my crafting on.

Let’s Craft, but first …

Oops, got a bit sidetracked there but now that you have your Cricut Maker, you are almost on your crafting way but you do need some tools. The Maker comes with 2 cutting mats, Premium Fine Point Blade with housing, Rotary Blade with the new drive housing and a black fine point pen.

Basic Tooling

Before we get to the Adaptive Tool System lets talk about the basic tools that you will need for a Cricut crafting session.

  • Scissors
  • Tweezers
  • Weeder
  • Spatula – available in a regular and extra-large
  • Trimmer
  • Scoring Stylus

Tooling is available in a variety of sets to suit your budget. Tools that are a must as far as I am concerned are the weeder, scraper and spatula. The Cricut Essential Tool Set has all items listed above (except the extra-large scraper).

Cricut Cutting Mats

The Cricut Maker requires a cutting mat for any cut being performed on any material. Cricut mats are the sticky cutting mats that hold materials as they go through the Cricut cutting machine. Mats are 30cm x 30cm or 30cm x 60cm. They are colour coded to make life easier.

  • Blue Mat – LightGrip is for lightweight materials
  • Green Mat – StandardGrip for medium-weight materials
  • Purple Mat – StrongGrip for heavyweight materials
  • Pink Mat – for fabrics (To be used with the rotary blade).

Stickiness of the mats do not last forever so stock up when they are on sale. Or make to to subscribe to so you don’t miss my Tips & Tricks post that scheduled for August 2021.


  • Knife Blade – This extra-deep blade slices through heavier materials like 2.4 mm balsa wood and matboard with ease. It’s ideal for thicker materials including heavy leather.
  • Rotary Blade – This blade cuts through virtually any fabric quickly and accurately – without backing material. Use it to cut cotton, fleece, denim and more. Just make sure to use the pink cutting mat when using this blade.
  • Wavy Blade – This specially sculpted stainless steel blade is great for decals, envelopes, cards and gift tags.
  • Perforation Blade – Creates precise perforation cuts with evenly spaced perforation lines. This means you get a perfect tear without the need to fold beforehand.
  • Single and Double Scoring Wheels – Scoring Wheel makes a deep single-line score perfect for uncoated light materials like crepe paper, light cardstock and even acetate. Double Scoring Wheel creates two deep, parallel score lines that are ideal for coated, heavier materials like poster board and cardboard.
  • Fine Debossing Tip – Snap this tip onto the QuickSwap Housing (sold separately) and get your debossing on. The rolling debossing ball allows you to customize, personalise and design with incredible detail. Perfect for foiling too.
  • Engraving Tip – Yes you heard right! The Cricut Maker can engrave as well. Think metal, Perspex and even leather. Options are endless.

Cricut Pens

Cricut Pens and Markers for use with Cricut Explore and Cricut Maker come in a variety of colours, line weights and effects, including:

  • Fine Point Pens (0.4)
  • Extra Fine Point Pens (0.3)
  • Glitter Gel Pens (0.8)
  • Gel Pens (1.0)
  • Metallic Markers (1.0)
  • Infusible Ink Fine Point Pens (0.4)
  • Infusible Ink Markers (1.0)

Cricut Maker Tools presents Endless possibilities

The amazing thing about the Cricut Maker is that it grows with you. As you master each new crafting skills the Maker unlocks so many more incredible possibilities. Whether you are a hobbyist or entrepreneur the Cricut Maker does it all. Effortlessly switching between tools means you can take your crafting projects to the next level, that is on condition that you have the right tool for the right job. With 10X more cutting power allowing you to take on more than 300 materials you can’t go wrong with the Cricut Maker. So, if you are keen to join the Cricut family then hit this link to find a South African Cricut supplier.

More about my crafting shenanigans can be found on Instagram.

Happy Crafting


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