Cricut Maker, Grand Daddy of Cricut Cutting Machines – Everything You Need to Know

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The Cricut Maker is a die-cutting machine that allows you to cut and craft in the most extraordinary way. One machine that will unleash your creativity and take your beautiful creations to the next label. The Cricut Maker, Grand Daddy of crafting excellence, if adequately used, it can turn your your hobby into a side hustle.

This is a long post so here’s a breakdown of what to expect

  • What’s in the box?
  • Cricut Design Space
  • How to set-up your Cricut Maker
  • About the Cricut Maker
  • Specifications of the Cricut Maker
  • Cricut Maker Tools & Equipment
  • What Exactly Does the Cricut Maker Cut & with What Blade?
  • Let’s weigh the pros and cons

What’s in the Box?

When you purchase your Cricut Maker this is what you will find in the box :-

  • Your Cricut Maker machine in the colour of your choosing of course
  • Power cord (It’s important to note it is highly recommended that you purchase from local South African Cricut suppliers. Should you buy from Amazon, your machine will not be certified for use in South Africa and your guarantee will be null and void)
  • USB cable (to connect to a computer)
  • 1 pink (fabric grip)
  • 1 blue (light grip)
  • Premium Fine Point Blade with housing
  • Rotary Blade with the new drive housing
  • Black fine point pen
  • A few small material pieces for a practice project (Cricut could have done better with these samples to be honest)

You’ll also get:

  • A free one-month trial of Cricut Access
  • 50 free project designs, 25 of which are sewing patterns

Cricut Design Space

To use the Cricut Maker, you need to learn how to use Cricut Design Space. Design Space is the software where you design, arrange and select the materials and tools you need for your respective projects. Cricut Design Space can be a little bit intimidating at first, but you just need a little time to play around and you will be on your way.

Here’s what you need to know about Cricut Design Space ? 

  1. Cricut Design Space is a cloud based software app which is specifically designed to take your creativity to the next level. 
  2. Setting up Design Space is incredibly easy. 
  3. It can be installed on computers, tablets or cellphones from your app store.
  4. Design Space is available for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android but is not supported on Chromebooks, or Unix / Linux Computers. 
  5. Operating system requirements is Windows® 8 or later and macOS 10.15 or later.
  6. The best tablets for Cricut Design Space are the Apple iPad Pro, Samsung Galaxy Tab S6, Microsoft Surface Pro 7, Amazon Fire D 10 and Dragon Touch Max10.
  7. Functionality however may differ when used on computers, tablets or cellphones with options like kerning and offset only being available on your computer. 
  8. Browse thousands of images, ready-to-make projects, and fonts in the Cricut Library or design your own project from scratch.
  9. DS is free but you have the option to subscribe for *R99 per month giving you access to even more amazing fonts and images.
  10. Design Space gets updated regularly providing you with move exciting and new features.

* Pricing correct at time of going to publish on 7 June 2021

How to Set-up Your Cricut Maker

Literally the easiest thing ever. Cricut set-ups are a 4 step process that even a child could do. But ain’t no child playing with my Maker!

  • Go to in your browser.
  • Download and install Design Space for desktop or the Design Space app on your cellphone, iPad or tablet.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to sign in or create your Cricut ID and set up your new machine.
  • You will know the setup is complete when you are prompted to do a test cut.

About the Cricut Maker

It is powered by the Adaptive Tool System which makes the Cricut Maker the grand daddy of the Cricut Family of Machines. The Adaptive Tool System is the reason that the Cricut Maker has extra tools that none of the “Explore” machines can use. But what is the Cricut Adaptive Tool System? It is a system that allows you to swap out blades/tips without having to change the housing. This is all thanks to the QuickSwap Housing System. So as long as you have one tool with the housing, you can just buy the other blades and tips. Pretty genius if you ask me!

Specifications of the Cricut Maker

The Cricut Maker despite it’s multiple uses is still pretty compact and streamlined, it weighs approximately 11kg. While you can purchase a bag for your Maker, this isn’t the kind of machine you want to carry around all the time. The Cricut Maker is available in champagne, blue, pink, mint and lilac. I’m a little biased and have to admit that the champagne is super sexy and so my kind of vibe. Any guesses what colour I have. Even though the Cricut Maker comes with a USB cable to connect to your laptop/desktop, it also has Bluetooth capability.

Cricut Maker Tools & Equipment

My Quick Swap Engraving tip arrived last week and I can’t wait to give it a try
  • Fine point blade
  • Fabric Bonded Blade
  • Deep Point Blade
  • Foil Transfer Kit
  • Rotary Blade
  • Knife Blade
  • Scoring Stylus
  • Cricut Pens
  • Quick Swap Tools
  • Quick Swap Perforation blade 
  • Quick Swap Wavy blade 
  • Quick Swap Debossing tip
  • Quick Swap Engraving tip
  • Quick Swap Scoring Wheel tips 

What Exactly Does the Cricut Maker Cut & with What Blade?

The Cricut Maker cuts over 300 hundred materials, from fabrics, leather, paper and even balsa wood with effortless precision. Below is a detailed breakdown of the type of materials that can be cut by the Maker as well as the correct blade type.

Material NameCut PressureMulti-CutBlade Type
Acetate3192XFine-Point Blade
Adhesive Foil121OffFine-Point Blade
Adhesive Foil, Matte161OffFine-Point Blade
Adhesive Sheet, Double-Sided250OffFine-Point Blade
Aluminum Foil78OffDeep-Point Blade
Art/Illustration Board75017xKnife Blade
Balsa – 1/16″ (1.6 mm)2004XKnife Blade
Balsa – 3/32″ (2.4 mm)3007XKnife Blade
Bamboo Fabric1041OffRotary Blade
Basswood – 1/16″ (1.6 mm)75014XKnife Blade
Basswood – 1/32″ (0.8 mm)38118XKnife Blade
Bengaline1745OffRotary Blade
Birch, Permanent Adhesive350OffFine-Point Blade
Boucle2365OffRotary Blade
Broadcloth1370OffRotary Blade
Burlap3163OffRotary Blade
Burn-Out Velvet1410OffRotary Blade
Calico1608OffRotary Blade
Cambric1785OffRotary Blade
Canvas1925OffRotary Blade
Carbon Fiber138OffFine-Point Blade
Cardstock (for intricate cuts)1822XFine-Point Blade
Cardstock, Adhesive-Backed314OffFine-Point Blade
Cashmere1424OffRotary Blade
Cereal Box348OffDeep Point Blade
Chalkboard Vinyl175OffFine-Point Blade
Challis1040OffRotary Blade
Chambray1680OffRotary Blade
Chantilly Lace1540OffRotary Blade
Charmeuse Satin1695OffRotary Blade
Chiffon684OffRotary Blade
Chintz1505OffRotary Blade
Clear Printable Sticker Paper229Off Fine-Point Blade
Colored Duct Tape120OffFine-Point Blade
Construction Paper168OffFine-Point Blade
Copy Paper – 20 lb (75 gsm)113OffFine-Point Blade
Corduroy1725OffRotary Blade
Corrugated Cardboard278OffFine-Point Blade
Corrugated Paper329OffDeep-Point Blade
Cotton1850OffRotary Blade
Cotton, Bonded286OffBonded Fabric Blade
Craft Foam182OffDeep-Point Blade
Crepe Charmeuse1430OffRotary Blade
Crepe de Chine1610OffRotary Blade
Crepe Paper958OffRotary Blade
Crepe-back Satin2000OffRotary Blade
Cutting Mat Protector310OffFine-Point Blade
Damask1838OffRotary Blade
Damask Chipboard50012xKnife Blade
Delicate Fabrics (like Tulle)800OffRotary Blade
Delicate Fabrics (like Tulle), Bonded125OffBonded Fabric Blade
Deluxe Paper274OffFine-Point Blade
Deluxe Paper Foil Embossed272OffFine-Point Blade
Denim1943OffRotary Blade
Denim, Bonded3252XBonded Fabric Blade
Dotted Swiss1339OffRotary Blade
Double Cloth1438OffRotary Blade
Double Knit1605OffRotary Blade
Dry Erase Vinyl130OffFine-Point Blade
Duck Cloth2110OffRotary Blade
Duct Tape Sheet122OffFine-Point Blade
Dupioni Silk1830Off Rotary Blade
EVA Foam107Off Deep-Point Blade
Everyday Iron-On118OffFine-Point Blade
Everyday Iron-On Mesh118OffFine-Point Blade
Everyday Iron-On Mosaic230OffFine-Point Blade
Express Iron-On118OffFine-Point Blade
Extra Heavy Fabrics (like Burlap)3800OffRotary Blade
Eyelet1619OffRotary Blade
Faille1873OffRotary Blade
Faux Fur2050OffRotary Blade
Faux Leather (Paper Thin)260OffFine-Point Blade
Faux Suede250OffFine-Point Blade
Faux Suede1885OffRotary Blade
Felt1482XFine-Point Blade
Felt, Acrylic Fabric1995OffRotary Blade
Felt, Craft Bonded2002XBonded Fabric Blade
Felt, Glitter Bonded2214OffRotary Blade
Felt, Stiff175OffFine-Point Blade
Felt, Wool Bonded2752XFine-Point Blade
Felt, Wool Fabric1593Off Rotary Blade
Flannel1955OffRotary Blade
Flat Cardboard258OffFine-Point Blade
Fleece1813OffRotary Blade
Flex Foam1915OffRotary Blade
Flocked Iron-On152Off Fine-Point Blade
Flocked Paper2992XFine-Point Blade
Foil Acetate 2922XFine-Point Blade
Foil Iron-On138OffFine-Point Blade
Foil Kraft Board – Holographic3502XFine-Point Blade
Foil Paper – 0.36mm2742XFine-Point Blade
Foil Poster Board333OffFine-Point Blade
Foil Tape – Shiny Side Down225OffFine-Point Blade
Foil Tape – Shiny Side Up150OffFine-Point Blade
Foulard1368OffRotary Blade
Freezer Paper128OffFine-Point Blade
Fusible Fabric1750OffRotary Blade
Fusible Fleece1739OffRotary Blade
Fusible Interfacing817OffRotary Blade
Gabardine1854OffRotary Blade
Garment Leather – 2-3 oz. (0.8 mm)3004XKnife Blade
Garment Leather – 4-5 oz. (1.6 mm)3004XKnife Blade
Gauze1369OffRotary Blade
Gel Sheet3354XDeep-Point Blade
Genuine Leather3252XDeep-Point Blade
Georgette1143OffRotary Blade
Glitter Cardstock2632XFine-Point Blade
Glitter Craft Foam214OffFine-Point Blade
Glitter Duct Tape2712XFine-Point Blade
Glitter Iron-On205OffFine-Point Blade
Glitter Mesh Iron-On230OffFine-Point Blade
Glitter Vinyl75OffFine-Point Blade
Gossamer958OffRotary Blade
Grocery Bag215OffFine-Point Blade
Grois Point3540OffRotary Blade
Grosgrain2228OffRotary Blade
Habutai1250OffRotary Blade
Handmade Paper1729Off Rotary Blade
Heat Transfer (non-Cricut)219OffFine-Point Blade
Heather1261OffRotary Blade
Heavy Cardstock – 100 lb. (270 gsm)282OffFine-Point Blade
Heavy Chipboard – 2.0mm65024XKnife Blade
Heavy Fabrics (like Denim)3200OffRotary Blade
Heavy Fabrics (like Denim), Bonded3252XBonded Fabric Blade
Heavy Patterned Paper275OffFine-Point Blade
Heavy Watercolor Paper – 140 lb (300 gsm)343OffFine-Point Blade
Holographic Cardstock321OffFine-Point Blade
Holographic Heat Transfer219OffFine-Point Blade
Holographic Iron-On230OffFine-Point Blade
Holographic Iron-On Mosaic310OffFine-Point Blade
Holographic Sparkle Iron-On216OffFine-Point Blade
Holographic Sparkle Iron-On Mosaic300OffFine-Point Blade
Holographic Sparkle Vinyl164OffFine-Point Blade
Homespun Fabric1723OffRotary Blade
Infusible Ink Transfer Sheet245OffFine-Point Blade
Insulbrite Batting1860OffRotary Blade
Interlock Knit1926OffRotary Blade
Jacquard1953OffRotary Blade
Jersey1520OffRotary Blade
Jute2843OffRotary Blade
Kevlar2217OffRotary Blade
Khaki2110OffRotary Blade
Kraft Board2782XFine-Point Blade
Kraft Cardstock270OffFine-Point Blade
La Coste1104OffRotary Blade
Lame981OffRotary Blade
Laser Copy Paper126OffFine-Point Blade
Light Cardstock – 60 lb (163 gsm)238OffFine-Point Blade
Light Chipboard – 0.37mm2852XFine-Point Blade
Light Cotton1750OffRotary Blade
Light Cotton, 2 layers2000OffRotary Blade
Light Cotton, 3 layers2750OffRotary Blade
Light Fabrics (like Silk)1200OffRotary Blade
Light Fabrics (like Silk), Bonded175OffBonded Fabric Blade
Light Patterned Paper152OffFine-Point Blade
Linen2148OffRotary Blade
Linen, Bonded175OffBonded Fabric Blade
Lycra1250Off Rotary Blade
Magnetic Sheet – 0.5mm3202XFine-Point Blade
Magnetic Sheet – 0.6mm3586XDeep-Point Blade
Matboard 4 Ply4508XKnife Blade
Matelasse3597OffRotary Blade
Matte Vinyl134OffFine-Point Blade
Medium Cardstock – 80 lb (216 gsm)273OffFine-Point Blade
Medium Fabrics (like Cotton)2100OffRotary Blade
Medium Fabrics (like Cotton), Bonded286OffBonded Fabric Blade
Melton Wool2493OffRotary Blade
Mesh1385OffRotary Blade
Metal – 40 gauge thin copper2562XFine-Point Blade
Metallic Iron-On Mosaic270OffFine-Point Blade
Metallic Leather3254XDeep-Point Blade
Metallic Poster Board3502XFine-Point Blade
Metallic Vinyl132OffFine-Point Blade
Microfiber1708OffRotary Blade
Moiree580OffRotary Blade
Moleskin2600OffRotary Blade
Monk’s Cloth3295OffRotary Blade
Mulberry Paper2369OffRotary Blade
Muslin1595OffRotary Blade
Mylar2922XFine-Point Blade
Natural Wood Veneer3354XDeep-Point Blade
Neoprene3002XDeep-Point Blade
Non-Adhesive Vinyl – 16 gauge270OffFine-Point Blade
Non-Adhesive Vinyl – 20 gauge3002XFine-Point Blade
Notebook Paper191OffFine-Point Blade
Nylon684OffRotary Blade
Oil Cloth, Bonded2502XBonded Fabric Blade
Oilcloth1433OffRotary Blade
Organza1265OffRotary Blade
Ottoman2023OffRotary Blade
Outdoor Vinyl, Bonded2752XBonded Fabric Blade
Oxford1985OffRotary Blade
Paint Chip293OffFine-Point Blade
Panne Velvet1425OffRotary Blade
Paper, Adhesive-Backed210OffFine-Point Blade
Parchment Paper181OffFine-Point Blade
Party Foil277OffFine-Point Blade
Patterned Glitter Cardstock2992XFine-Point Blade
Patterned Iron-On99OffFine-Point Blade
Pearl Paper1192XFine-Point Blade
Peau de Soie1545OffRotary Blade
Photo Paper338OffFine-Point Blade
Pima Cotton1515OffRotary Blade
Pique Cotton2240OffRotary Blade
Plastic Canvas2812XDeep-Point Blade
Plastic Packaging3142XFine-Point Blade
Plisse1513OffRotary Blade
Plush1450OffRotary Blade
Polyester, Bonded3002XBonded Fabric Blade
Poplin1933OffRotary Blade
Poster Board3002XFine-Point Blade
Premium Outdoor Vinyl119OffFine-Point Blade
Premium Vinyl107Off Fine-Point Blade
Premium Vinyl – Frosted Glitter152OffFine-Point Blade
Premium Vinyl – Frosted Gray138OffFine-Point Blade
Premium Vinyl – Frosted Opaque138OffFine-Point Blade
Premium Vinyl – Holographic152OffFine-Point Blade
Premium Vinyl – Holographic 3D Texture107OffFine-Point Blade
Premium Vinyl – Holographic Art Deco152OffFine-Point Blade
Premium Vinyl – Holographic Bubbles152Off Fine-Point Blade
Premium Vinyl – Holographic Crystals152OffFine-Point Blade
Premium Vinyl – Holographic Rose Bubble118OffFine-Point Blade
Premium Vinyl – Holographic Threads152OffFine-Point Blade
Premium Vinyl – Mosaic152OffFine-Point Blade
Premium Vinyl – Pearl138OffFine-Point Blade
Premium Vinyl – Shimmer153OffFine-Point Blade
Premium Vinyl – Textured152OffFine-Point Blade
Premium Vinyl – Textured Metallic152OffFine-Point Blade
Premium Vinyl – True Brushed113OffFine-Point Blade
Printable Fabric199OffFine-Point Blade
Printable Foil293OffFine-Point Blade
Printable Iron-On, Dark99OffFine-Point Blade
Printable Iron-On, Light99OffFine-Point Blade
Printable Magnetic Sheet242OffFine-Point Blade
Printable Vinyl107Off Fine-Point Blade
Quilt Batting1833OffRotary Blade
Ramie1455OffRotary Blade
Raschel Knit2278OffRotary Blade
Rayon Lyocell1415OffRotary Blade
Rib Knit1585OffRotary Blade
Rice Paper70OffDeep-Point Blade
Rip-Stop Nylon1549OffRotary Blade
Sailcloth2610OffRotary Blade
Sandblast Stencil1902XDeep-Point Blade
Satin Silk1833OffRotary Blade
Seersucker1645OffRotary Blade
Sequined2570OffRotary Blade
Shantung1590OffRotary Blade
Shantung Santeen1743OffRotary Blade
Shimmer Leather – 1mm2533XFine-Point Blade
Shimmer Paper2982XFine-Point Blade
Silk China1640OffRotary Blade
Silk, Bonded175OffBonded Fabric Blade
Slinky Knit1830OffRotary Blade
Spandex1655OffRotary Blade
Sparkle Paper2922XFine-Point Blade
SportFlex Iron-On118OffFine-Point Blade
Stencil Film – 0.4mm273OffFine-Point Blade
Stencil Vinyl110OffFine-Point Blade
Sticker Paper222Off Fine-Point Blade
Sticker Paper, Removable106Off Fine-Point Blade
Sticky Note193OffFine-Point Blade
Suede1610OffRotary Blade
Tafetta1405OffRotary Blade
Tattoo Paper277Off Fine-Point Blade
Terry Cloth2533OffRotary Blade
Tissue Paper1308OffRotary Blade
Tooling Leather – 2-3 oz. (0.8 mm)3004XKnife Blade
Tooling Leather – 4-5 oz. (1.6 mm)4006XKnife Blade
Tooling Leather – 6-7 oz. (2.4 mm)45016XKnife Blade
Transfer Foil112OffFine-Point Blade
Transfer Sheet1162XFine-Point Blade
Transparency308OffFine-Point Blade
True Brushed Paper3052XFine-Point Blade
Tulle729OffRotary Blade
Tweed1495OffRotary Blade
Ultra Firm Stabilizer2488OffRotary Blade
Vellum239OffFine-Point Blade
Velour2083OffRotary Blade
Velvet Upholstery2134OffRotary Blade
Velveteen2034OffRotary Blade
Vinyl107Off Fine-Point Blade
Viscose918OffRotary Blade
Voile1267Off Rotary Blade
Waffle Cloth2883OffRotary Blade
Washi Sheet85OffFine-Point Blade
Wax Paper169OffFine-Point Blade
Window Cling99OffFine-Point Blade
Wool Crepe1174OffRotary Blade
Wrapping Paper159OffFine-Point Blade
Ziberline1883OffRotary Blade

Let’s weigh the pros and cons

The Pros

  • Produces professional and intricate cuts faster in a detailed manner
  • Endless possibilities with its multi-function capabilities
  • Bluetooth capability
  • Cricut has done well to include the Premium Fine Point Blade with housing and Rotary Blade with new Drive Housing.
  • Like I said earlier the Cricut Adaptive Tool System is pure genius
  • The machine is automated to swiftly detect whether you’re operating with the right blade or not. Another genius feature.
  • The Cricut Maker is faster and stronger than previous machines

The Cons

  • I found the Cricut Maker a little overwhelming in the beginning but practice makes perfect and you will get a handle on things pretty quickly. Plus there are loads of amazing YouTube videos that will help you out.
  • Not a Cricut Maker issue, but I wish Design Space software capability was the same across cellphones, tablet, laptops and desktops
  • Additional accessories are pricey but crafting isn’t a cheap hobby with or with a cutting machine.

My Final Verdict

Choosing the correct Cricut Machine comes down to budget and necessity. While this has been an extremely long post, I hope this review answers all your questions about the Cricut Maker. You may also want to read my review on the Cricut Joy by clicking here.

Is the Cricut Maker worth all the hype? It’s a unanimous “hell yes” from me!!! This work-horse is ideal for small business owners and avid crafters. Now you can keep that hustle alive or save time and money when it comes to your hobbies. The Cricut Maker is worth every penny.

Happy Crafting


  1. I would love to get one of these babies!

    What do you look at price wise? Or is that a silly question? Haha

    • There are several machines available so it would depend on what you want to do with it. There have been amazing specials with the Maker costing R6999. There are also bundles available. Link in post for all suppliers but you welcome to message me if you need more info


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