Fit Like Mummy’s Chilli Garlic Prawns Recipe

I grew up eating prawns on a regular basis.  Prawns were definitely a family favourite.  This Fit Like Mummy Chilli garlic prawns recipe works well as a starter or even a main dish.  The fact that we lived in the coastal city of Durban ensured we had access to fresh prawns all year round.  Grilling prawns is hands-down my favourite way to eat prawns, as the prawns are deliciously succulent. If you would like to know how to devein prawns then click HERE and watch my son Ashton demonstrate.  He also recently learnt who to cook prawns so you can also WATCH that.

I really hope you enjoy this Fit Like Mummy Chilli Garlic Prawns Recipe.  Don’t forget to post and tag me so I can check out your kitchen masterpiece.

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